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    Guidelines for Phase I

    Question for those of you that may have HS age players getting started up with work outs. I am pretty sure I heard the coach of my sons team say "no passing" to each other in a Zoom call. Is every school interpreting the guidelines in that manner? In my opinion that is silly and just can't be...
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    FCC DA Aspirations

    Well this could get interesting:
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    CUSL Changes

    I knew about the name change to Greater Cincinnati Soccer League and TPL has been around for some time, but what is this Cardinal Premier League for U13 and older? Is it an alternative to Buckeye for those that want good competition but don't want to travel all over? Anybody in the know? What...
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    Who knows how this will all work out, if at all. Certainly makes things interesting.
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    New US Soccer Guidelines - First Impressions

    Over the weekend I attended the Festival of Wind (aka ODP District Festival) at Hobson Park in Fairborn. The format was 7v7, 9v9 and normal using the new US guidelines. My son was in the 7v7 so I watched 3 of those games plus many others of 7v7. I also walked over and checked out some 9v9. While...
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    Heading Banned

    US Soccer is banning heading in practice or games through U10. U11-U13 can head only in games, no practicing. U14 and older is normal. In general I think this will be ok for the younger ages as not a lot of real heading goes on anyway. There are exceptions here and there where the more...
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    Referee shirts

    Hey folks. I know we have quite a few refs that frequent this board. If anyone has any gently used Adult Large ref shirts or other ref gear (flag, etc) they would be willing to part with please PM me. My 16 year old son is kicking off his ref career this weekend. If you know of a walk in store...
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    U17 Boys Team for spring 2015

    Hi all, I am starting a team for U17 boys next spring based out of Middletown but have players from all over. We hope to play in the BPL and play in several local tournaments and a showcase or two. The team will have a core of lifelong select players and a couple of ODP State team members. We...
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    I received an email from the Cincinnati Dutch Lions about their upcoming season. Obviously I had heard of the Dayton Dutch but this was news to me. It appears they now have a Cincy team with some experienced coaches. Does anyone know if they plan on adding a youth component to the Cincy area as...
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    How long do typical HS matches last?

    Hello, first time I have ever posted on the tennis site. I am trying plan some club soccer events around a couple of my players that are playing high school tennis. If the matches start at 4, what time would they typically be finished? I will find out for myself soon enough but just curious what...
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    Out of Season Coaching Clarification

    Good day all, I have a question regarding the out of season high school coaching regulations. By way of an example, let me see if I understand it. Suppose player X played for their high school in the fall of 2013 under coach Y. Season ends. Player X goes to his club team for winter practices...
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    U16 Boys GK Needed

    Good luck to the remaining SW Ohio teams! If anyone knows or knows of an experienced U16 (8-1-97 to 7-31-98) keeper that is still looking for a spring club team, please contact me asap. We have tryouts on Saturday at Mcclure field 12 (back right of park) at 2PM Thunder United. Thanks
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    Way to go Edgewood Cougars!

    From the 2012 outhouse and bottom of the table to the penthouse of the SWOC as sole champions 2013, what an incredible improvement. Harrison hit the post several times and Edge goalie made some fantastic saves as well, great 1-1 game to watch. Kudos to a well played game by both sides and refs...
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    Ref shortage??

    Ok last week we ended up with only two refs in the varsity match at Valley View. Today apparently we have no refs against at Hamilton and the matches are cancelled. For anyone in the know, is this going to go on all season or is this just an early season anomaly?
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    ODP Showcase

    For those that attended last weekend in Fairborn, what did you think? Unless I am going very blind I must have missed the alleged number of college coaches in attendance. Maybe they were very low profile but the whole thing was just kind of weird. Almost matter of fact, no real emotion or fun...
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    Rules question

    Can someone that is not the coach of a high school team run practices/training for the team in the off season? Not mandatory and nothing from the coach just directly from an interested party. I know there are restrictions on the coaches working with them or having indoor teams but what if a...
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    Mariemont tourney

    Does anyone have the fr, jv and v schedules for this two day event? I know the participants are Mariemont, Purcell M, Edgewood and 7 Hills but I can't seem to get the correct start times for all the games.
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    College Showcase Suggestions

    Other than the local OE and Galaxies showcase, can I get some suggestions for others in the OKI region? Thanks in advance
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    Combo teams

    While looking over some BPL brackets I noticed several club combination teams. I have not heard anything about this. The two I saw were OE/CSA and WC/FOSC both at the U14 level. This seems to be a pretty novel idea and could create some really good teams. Is this possible because the rise of US...
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    Warrior White B97

    Nevermind this post, I read the score wrong. It was the other way around, they lost. Moderator, can you just delete whole thread? Sorry for confusion. Just curious if anyone knows about this team, they kind of came out of no where. I saw a very lopsided score in their favor in a BPL game and...