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  1. redskinfbco92

    Ohio High School Softball/Coronavirus

    For the sake of all the seniors who may never put on a uniform again I hope OHSAA doesn't cancel the season
  2. redskinfbco92

    AAC expansion

    My options would be: Charlotte Old Dominion Georgia State
  3. redskinfbco92

    SWO 2020 coaching openings

    I am thinking they didn't have a strong applicant pool
  4. redskinfbco92

    SWO 2020 coaching openings

    Purcell hired their AD and former UC Bearcat DJ Dowdy
  5. redskinfbco92

    SWO 2020 coaching openings

    Fenwick's new coach is George Moore. Heard Batavia has found their guy.
  6. redskinfbco92

    Any schools let their students in for free to football games?

    A lot of schools lets their athletes in to sporting events - I think that's great reward and definitely a positive thing
  7. redskinfbco92

    Western Brown Head Coach Steps Down

    I wonder if they go hard after Jeff Essig - has done a great job at BT
  8. redskinfbco92

    Video taping games

    The one thing I saw that was upsetting was video was shown to the coach during the game, kind of gives an unfair advantage IMO
  9. redskinfbco92

    Video taping games

    I have seen an increase in parents setting up cameras on the fences to tape their daughters' pitches - just curious can an opposing coach say no to this? Are there any rules surrounding the taping of games?
  10. redskinfbco92

    Sports Talk Radio - The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

    Loved Bill King when he was SiriusXM, really enjoy The Dan Patrick show when Paulie is quiet.
  11. redskinfbco92

    Are you a true West Sider??

    Did Happy's pizza on Glenway close?
  12. redskinfbco92

    Joe Burrow

    Maybe he did it himself, so he doesn't get drafted by the Bengals
  13. redskinfbco92

    Miami Valley Conference Expansion

    Heard rumors of Badin and Fenwick going to the SWOC... Wonder what McNick does
  14. redskinfbco92

    SWO 2020 coaching openings

    So far we have: Moeller Purcell Mariemont Batavia Norwood
  15. redskinfbco92

    SWO 2020 coaching openings

    Mariemont is now open too
  16. redskinfbco92

    Playoff hosts question

    Are private schools allowed to host games after week one of the playoffs, or is it just reserved for public schools?
  17. redskinfbco92

    Denied: OFSCA proposal to extend Summer 10 days of coaching through January 31st

    Coaches have asked for an explanation as to why the vote went that way and no one will reply
  18. redskinfbco92

    How important are outfielders in High School?

    RF/OF is very important and I usually put my strongest armed OF in RF.
  19. redskinfbco92

    GMC/ECC Football Season Pick'em Results

    Thanks for doing this. My suggestions: - points based on how close you came to your prediction - somehow a reminder or way to keep it on the top page (that's why I missed a week)
  20. redskinfbco92

    SWO 2020 coaching openings

    Oak Hills, I hear ya, but that mentality of the person is an alumni doesn't mean they're a good coach I doubt Northwest loses football, that would mean Colerain would too and I don't see that happening Didn't realize Loveland's coach has only been there a year. Batavia, maybe too soon to make a...