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    Our competition was definitely not as tough this year as it was in years past which I think could hurt in post season. I also think the tournament format helps get kids ready for post season and we didn't have 1 single tournament until sectionals. On the flip side, I do like the dual format...
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    Strategy behind Default by Choice

    I personally know 2 kids who did it to have a better chance and both of them went on to place at state, but it is very risky. I also know a couple of kids who needed to do it because of injuries wanting to make sure they weren't as banged up for their go to match. I think it is easy to...
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    Win-Loss record without forfeits

    The one issue I have with this is that often times an opposing team won't send anyone out against a really good kid forcing them to take the forfeit. I have seen this happen numerous times this year with having a schedule of only duals.
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    My new favorite HS wrestler

    It is free to watch:
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    GMC Championship,

    It looks like a lot of leagues are moving ahead with their league tournament. Any insight on why GMC is not?
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    HS wrestling results

    It has always been hard to find high school scores and this year it is even harder. I tried to find results for college wrestling yesterday and struggled. I went to NCAA's wrestling page and they had basketball box scores across the top.....🤔😡
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    State Dual results?

    Will spectators (parents) be allowed to attend?
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    State Dual results?

    Thank you for clarifying. A couple of questions.....What is the difference between a district placer and a state qualifier? Is a district placer count for 5th & 6th and a state qualifier top 4? Do you get placer points for them too? Is a district qualifier individuals that place 1st-4th...
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    State Dual results?

    Mason didn't make it in..... yeah, I can't figure that one out either.....:rolleyes:
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    SW Ohio ENT reco for cauliflower ear

    Both my sons went to him too and he did a great job.
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    Wrestling and COVID-19 (yet another thread)

    Wow! This went off the rails pretty quickly..... It would be nice to have a thread where we don't get into politics or think we are scientist... just discuss the things we have learned from other sports on what will take to have a wrestling season. It doesn't matter whether or not we agree with...
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    How about this solution

    It would be nice to have some sort of direction on this as it seems like there is no way that the state tourney will happen at this point. My son is a junior. He is now a 3x state qualifier and placed last year. He wants to wrestle in college and coaches/recruiters want to know how he finished...
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    OFFICIAL: No wrestling state tournament.

    If the tournament does not happen, there will no 4x state placers or champions until at least 2024.
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    OFFICIAL: No wrestling state tournament.

    I think separating divisions to make each event smaller would be the best course of action. Not sure if they have/are considering that at all.
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    Arnold Classic without spectators...
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    Ask the Ref.

    Thank you for your reply and insight. I wish someone would have gotten the entire incident on film, but not thinking that part was important, video was paused. 1. Yes it was the first injury timeout. 2. No, it was a knee/ankle (he's leg was twisted/pulled at an awkward angle). What you are...
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    Ask the Ref.

    Injury time - wrestler was injured during match. Ref stops it and tells the table to start injury time. Table puts 2 minutes on the scoreboard clock (seen by the wrestlers and crowd). With 1 minute left, ref says to the coach that clock was set wrong and the wrestler actually only has 30...
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    Team Brackets. Region 7 and 8 D1

    Dayton coaches seeding a Cincinnati team low.....hmmmm....🤔
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    Ohio wrestle offs and wrestling clinic at Nelsonville-York

    Do you have to register in advance? If so, how do you register?