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    2021 B10 Pick'Em

    125 lbs. 1. Spencer Lee, Iowa 133 lbs. 2. Austin DeSanto, Iowa 141 lbs. 8. Drew Mattin, Michigan 149 lbs. 11. Beau Bartlett, Penn State 157 lbs. 5. Brady Berge, Penn State 165 lbs. 3. Ethan Smith, Ohio State 174 lbs. 6. Kaleb Romero, Ohio State 184 lbs. 10. Rocky Jordan, Ohio State 197 lbs. 4...
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    Dual meet results

    Anyone have team or individual results of the Tri between St. Ed's, Massillon Perry and Legacy Christian?
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    Elyria #6 vs. Massillon Perry #8 (1/9 @ 11am)- LIVE

    Was told by someone that Massillon Perry beat Elyria, don't know the score or any individual results
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    St Ed’s @ Louisville

    Is there individual results anywhere?
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    Who's your high School All- Time Squad?

    Massillon Perry 106- David Bavery - 2xSC, RU, 3rd 113- Jose Rodriguez- 2xSC, RU 120- Sam White- 2xSC, RU 126- Jason Johnstone- 2xSC, RU 132- Zach Dailey- 2xSC, 4th 138- Thomas Straughn- 2xSC, 4th, 5th 145- Dustin Schlatter- 4xSC 152- John Foster- SC 160- David Carr- 4xSC 170- Steve Luke- 3xSC...
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    Orndorff to Ohio St

    2 time NCAA qualifier Tate Orndorff transfers to the Buckeyes! Not sure what to make of this as we already have Traub, and maybe Singletary and/ or Hoffman at HWT. Does this mean Singletary is going 197, even though he stated he wasn't going to earlier in the year? Can Orndorff beat out Traub if...
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    Winter and Spring Sports Update (Jerry Snodgrass, OHSAA Executive Director)

    Guys, get over it , move on,it's not going to happen next week, next month or in 2 or 3 months...NCAA has already cancelled most if not all spring sports, high school spring sports will not be played either. Olympics will be cancelled or possibly postponed a long time. At this point I highly...
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    Are spectators allowed at states this year

    What states are you referring to?
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    Schools preventing athletes from attending

    Has there been any schools that will not let their wrestlers attend the State tournament? With a bunch of school districts already cancelling field trips and indoor events already, I was wondering if this was happening yet?
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    State alternate tickets

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    B10 Pick'Em

    125 lbs. 1. Spencer Lee, IOWA 133 lbs. 5. Sebastian Rivera, NU 141 lbs. 7. Dylan Duncan, ILL 149 lbs. 9. Yahya Thomas, NU 157 lbs. 11. Elijah Cleary, OSU 165 lbs. 3. Evan Wick, WIS 174 lbs. 6. Kaleb Romero, OSU 184 lbs. 4. Taylor Venz, NEB 197 lbs. 8. Jackson Striggow, MICH 285 lbs. 2. Gable...
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    That in no way means that they cannot flip those results and place high and/or win it all
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    Mass Perry vs Lake

    I do know Perry won...I do not know the score or any results
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    Ohio State line-up next season?

    I wouldn't say re-build, I don't think Ryan does that, he reloads...from 57-97 it's reasonable to say Sasso, Karch, Romero,Jordan, and Singletary could all AA...With a couple being in the mix for a championship..throw in Decatur, if he can make a jump, and gas tank...and 2 more could be...
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    Ohio State line-up next season?

    Very possible that he does
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    Mentor D-1 District Rankings #5

    Thought I seen somewhere he is out for the season?
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    Claymont v. Lake - 1/30/2020

    106: Artman (L) p. Fawcett. 113: Cassetty (L) p. Birney. 120: Sponseller (L) p. Stewart. 126: Minick (L) p. Armstrong. 132: Futo (L) p. McMorrow. 138: Abdul (L) d. Peters 5-0. 145: Langdon (C) tech. fall Rosler 15-0. 152: Beard (L) d. Rhodes 7-0. 160: Jordan (L) p. Ferguson. 170: Schippert (L)...
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    IOWA vs PSU Poll

    Looks like desanto had a major knee injury in the first period...had to medical ff
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    106 is also a recruit
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    Box score?