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  1. Zunardo

    "A frickin' raccoon, man!"

    Forget the fly. This was THE story of last night:
  2. Zunardo

    Two college students fall 40 feet trying to take selfie

    I wonder if one of them managed to press the shutter on the way down? Ouch. They were fortunate to survive.
  3. Zunardo

    Those pesky Google ads ...

    They were bothersome some months back, and then disappeared. Just started seeing them again this week, taking up the whole screen. Auurrgh.
  4. Zunardo

    CANCELLED: Ohio State Fair 2020

    Sad to hear this. But my year will be absolutely ruined if the Circleville Pumpkin show is scratched.
  5. Zunardo

    What are "profile posts"?

    What are profile posts? Where do they show up, and how do they relate to threads or one's profile? Apologies if this has been discussed, but I can't seem to find any info on it. Thanks.
  6. Zunardo

    The latest racial controversy: Will Smith isn't dark enough

    Full disclosure: I have no idea who I think would be a good fit to play the Williams sister's father. I guess casting R. Lee Armey in makeup would be inappropriate, even though he might do very well. But, geez oh man ...
  7. Zunardo

    Ocasio Cortez: "World is going to end in 12 yrs if we don't address climate change"

    Ocasio Cortez: "World is going to end in 12 yrs if we don't address climate change" Fish becoming extinct in 2048? Shoot, we've got a bigger crisis on our hands. We better harvest those fish while we still have time...
  8. Zunardo

    SoutheasternOhioPreps website down?

    I posted this on the General page by mistake. Anybody else get on there? I started getting "site cannot be reached" messages off and on yesterday, and today it seems to be down totally. Have tried three different browsers on two separate PC's, and nothing. It's the only forum that covers...
  9. Zunardo

    Remember John Cooper and Walter Smith?

    Hard to believe it was 24 years ago that a Michigan player vowed to get the OSU head football coach fired: Fast-forward to today - now a former player has vowed to get Jim Harbaugh fired from his head...
  10. Zunardo

    Aug 30, Groveport vs. Hamilton Twp - 2nd annual Obetz Bowl, Battle at the Fortress

    Hamilton Township is the home team this year at the Fortress. Here's a nice build-up video with a few highlights from last years inaugural game. Great camera work at the 1:12 mark showing a plethora of HT blocks springing the Rangers QB for the go-ahead TD...
  11. Zunardo

    Car in space? Cool - but what about Puerto Rico?

    I think it's great Elon Musk has created the world's coolest car commercial by launching a Tesla into space with cameras. (I do have a slight suspicion that the driver is Frank Poole, HAL has just cut him off, and I'm hearing "The Blue Danube" in the background). However, I haven't seen any...
  12. Zunardo

    Bernie Sanders to a Christian WH nominee: "No confirmation for you!"

    Litmus test applied. Bible-believers need not apply, according to the Bern.
  13. Zunardo

    RIP, Wayne Roller - referee from Lancaster

    Just saw this on Facebook- longtime basketball official from the Lancaster area Wayne Roller passed away suddenly yesterday. See the link below, a GoFundMe account has been established to help the family with medical expenses. As a PA announcer, I worked with Wayne a number of times over the...
  14. Zunardo

    Experiences buying lawn mowers - walking and riding?

    Just had my trusty Craftsman self-propelled mower literally blow up on me over the weekend. It was my first self-propelled walking mower, it was probably ten years old when I bought used for $50 from a neighbor. That was over ten years ago, so I definitely got my money's worth out of it. Mrs...
  15. Zunardo

    Hamilton Twp: the post-Hillerich era, 2017-?

    I'm still reeling from the loss last week of Hamilton Twp's winningest coach, Nate Hillerich, to Pickerington North. It will be interesting to see who HT's new HC will be for this fall. Not an optimal transition time, with less than 4 months to prepare for week 1. We can only hope the program...
  16. Zunardo

    Elizabeth Warren killing it on the Today show today

    ..... or she's dying on it. Can't decide which. LOL - Matt Lauer just asked her, "Which Elizabeth Warren is here talking to me right now?" A minute later he threw another zinger - no response - and he laughed and said, "Let the record show the senator had no response!" Even Savanna was...
  17. Zunardo

    United forcibly removes passenger on overbooked flight I did not have a problem with United enforcing their dress code for passengers on free flights. However, I DO have a problem with this incident. - if you know the flight is overbooked, why...
  18. Zunardo

    Presidential pardon for Kwame Kilpatrick?

    As far as the tradition of outgoing presidents issuing pardons goes, this one might raise more eyebrows than most: