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  1. FHSBirds99

    Kettering Fairmont @ Lakota East

    Any East fans on here that can fill us in?
  2. FHSBirds99

    Alter vs. Fairmont

    The battle of Kettering is upon us once again. Can anyone from the dark side fill us in on Alter? I've liked what I've seen from Fairmont so far but they are very, very young.
  3. FHSBirds99

    Loveland @ Fairmont

    Mid 2nd quarter at Fairmont, Firebirds up 20-3.
  4. FHSBirds99

    West Carrollton (1-5) vs. Fairmont (5-1)

    West Carrollton has shown glimpses of being a very solid offensive team, especially the big freshman running back Jordan Ward. He didn't have a very good game against TM but not many running backs do with the speed they have on defense. I look for Fairmont to run the ball early and often with...
  5. FHSBirds99

    Kettering Fairmont (4-1) vs. Miamisburg (5-0)

    Fairmont had a rather easy win tonight and was able to rest a lot of starters in the 2nd half vs Beavercreek. Miamisburg had a very nice win vs Troy on the road. Who ya got in this one? Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
  6. FHSBirds99

    Beavercreek (1-3) @ Fairmont (3-1)

    In this game you can generally throw the records out the window. These teams play each other as hard as any other each year. I think it will be a dog fight and a very quick game. I was surprised Creek got handled as badly as they did vs Xenia and Creek should have beaten Carroll. Fairmont has...
  7. FHSBirds99

    Fairmont (7-3) @ Hilliard Bradley (10-0)

    Haven't seen Bradley play in person but on film they look pretty tough. Big WR's and a good front 7 on defense. As we all know Fairmont loves to run the ball. Haven't heard updates on injuries from Friday night's game against Springfield but I'm hoping Deglow will be able to go this week as...
  8. FHSBirds99

    Fairmont 7 Springfield 3

    Sloppy game that came down to a first and goal from 6 for Springfield. Fairmont blitzed their linebackers and Taylor fumbled the ball to put the game away. Springfield killed themselves with penalties on deep drives and failed to capitalize on Fairmonts turnovers. Sent from my SM-G930V...
  9. FHSBirds99

    Fairmont Firebirds beat Miamisburg

    How about that big win FBGuy? Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
  10. FHSBirds99

    Kettering Fairmont Firebirds vs. Hamilton Big Blue

    I don't know much about Hamilton except that it's really close to where i work! Hopefully Fairmont can keep the ball in their possession this week and utilize their speed on the edge. I did notice Hamilton has a couple BIG run stuffers especially the big DT. Maybe some Hamilton fans can give...
  11. FHSBirds99

    The Roc has been fired!

    Who's next up at Fairmont? Do they hire from within or do they go outside?
  12. FHSBirds99

    Time for change at Fairmont

    Another 0-3 start for Fairmont and things seem to be out of control. The QB controls the coaches and misses practice a lot. The head coach is supposed to control and LEAD the team and he is failing! Attitude is a reflection of leadership and there is pretty poor attitudes and leadership...
  13. FHSBirds99

    Northmont Thunderbolts @ Kettering Fairmont Firebirds

    It's week 9 and Fairmont already has double the amount of wins they had last year. They look to go to (5-4) this week against the Thunderbolts of Northmont. Since week 3 this Firebird team has looked like a new team. They moved Corde Kyles to WR/RB and moved Jaryd Murphy to QB and this has...
  14. FHSBirds99

    Kettering Fairmont Firebirds (3-4) @ Springfield Wildcats (2-5)

    After running off 3 straight wins against sub-par teams, Fairmont has lost 2 in a row with the last game being a thrashing at the hands of the Wayne Warriors. Fairmont looks to rebound and perhaps run off 3 straight wins to end the season at 6-4. I'm not sure what to think of Springfield as...
  15. FHSBirds99

    OFFICIAL: Kettering Fairmont Firebirds @Miamisburg Vikings

    Well week #1 couldn't have been any worse for Fairmont. A 42-12 loss to crosstown rival Alter where they gave up a huge number of yards on the ground. Now they travel to Miamisburg to take on another great rushing attack. I will go on the record and say Miamisburg doesn't have near the talent...
  16. FHSBirds99

    Fairmont Football 2014

    Well, we're just a few months from some good old Ohio High School football! What are your thoughts on Fairmont this year? Another 2-8? 1-9? Or can they perhaps turn it around with a somewhat weak schedule? I've heard rumors of a familiar face perhaps returning to Fairmont to play his junior...
  17. FHSBirds99

    Kettering Fairmont (0-1) @ Miamisburg (1-0)

    After another exhausting and disappointing last minute loss to neighboring rival Archbishop Alter, Fairmont takes to the road to battle the Vikings of Miamisburg. This week the Firebirds will need to score a lot of points IMO to keep up with an explosive Miamisburg offense that features a few...
  18. FHSBirds99

    Ensworth (TN) vs Trinity (KY)

    I just watched one of the greatest high school football games that I've seen in a long time! Ensworth played big boy football literally. I wish my high school had that big offensive line. That back for Ensworth was a man among boys out there. Congrats to Ensworth, you guys earned that...
  19. FHSBirds99

    Week 1: Alter Knights vs. Fairmont Firebirds

    Alright boys and girls, it's time for the Battle of Kettering! I'm gonna try and be kind this year to my lovely friends from Alter. Fairmont has lost some key players from their offense but return their backfield along with their 3 year starting center and some other members of an offensive...
  20. FHSBirds99

    Kettering Fairmont Firebirds @ Trotwood-Madison Rams

    I'm not liking Fairmont's chances after last week's showing against Springboro, especially after all the injuries. 3 Linemen (one of which was the center), QB/LB (who I think is OK but was taken out for precaution), and 1 lineman who spouted off and got tossed to the bench. It was definitely...