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    Favorite Candy Bar

    I am good with Mars & Butterfingers... My wife has a button that says give me chocolate and nobody gets hurt...
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    Punxsutawney Phil Predicts 6 More Weeks Of Winter

    I always get confused , if he sees his shadow its 6 more weeks of winter and if he does not see it it's a month and a half more...
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    Cincinnati Country Day Drops Indians Mascot...Selects Nighthawks To Replace It

    Should the school move out of Indian Hill?...
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    General NFL Chat

    Well its back to a 7 point game with 10 minutes left in the 4th qtr...
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    Earth is whipping around quicker than it has in a half-century

    Even earth was trying to get 2020 over faster...
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    2020 Cincinnati Bengals

    I'm just glad I work on Sunday so I don't have to watch them...
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    2020 Cincinnati Bengals

    Just heard on WLW that Burrows surgery was deemed successfully completed. Hope he makes it next year...
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    2020 Cincinnati Bengals

    Well I got home from work at 6:30 and switched on cbs and saw the KC /tampa game. The Bengals made the play of the day on the 103 yd kickoff return. Usually when the Bengals are shown on the play of the day its the other team making it...
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    Will the 2021 season be back to the old norm?

    I sure hope so...
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    What is santa bringing you for Christmas?

    I will be fine with a new year...
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    Super Halftime Show Headliner Revealed

    Never heard of him. Does not matter, I use halftime to go to the kitchen and grab something to eat and drink...
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    Your favorite athletes when you were a kid?

    When I was under 10 Frank Robinson was my favorite Red. I was pretty sad when he was traded to Baltimore figuring I would never see him again. That year dad was transferred to Armco in Kansas City. In the summer of 1966 we went to a KC A's game and they were playing Baltimore and I got to see...
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    2020 Cincinnati Bengals

    He would make a great catch then drop a TD throw. What other nfl club would want him...
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    Coca-Cola is discontinuing Tab after nearly 60 years

    I remember my mom in the 60s & 70s drinking tab...
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    What do we think about games after a playoff loss?

    May as well let them play as many games as they can...
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    GMC Football Pick'em Final/Champ

    Vike thanks for putting this together, while I can't participate in it I enjoy the commentary on several posts. Once again thanks for your hard work.
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    Thursday Night Lights - Dayton Area

    Last year they did not have any playoff games. If I find out I'll post...
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    2020 Cincinnati Bengals

    I don't know why the Bengals don't want to put much into the OL. I guess they have forgotten the only Bengal in the HOF is a lineman...
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    Thursday Night Lights - Dayton Area

    They had a game Friday night. Alter vs CJ is this Thursday
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    GMC Football Week 4 Pick'em

    No they are not. The charter schools north to south were Middletown, Hamilton Garfield, Hamilton Taft, Fairfield & Princeton