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    How Many Playoff Schools do you guys expect

    I’d look for about 450-500 schools to opt in to the post season
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    Composite List Of Schools/Leagues Opting Out?

    Getting ready to set up my yearly standings spreadsheet and was wonder if anyone knew who all is not playing this fall so far all I have is the 6 Akron City Series Teams And I believe the Dayton schools as well
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    Akron City Schools Cancel Fall Sports

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    State Title Predictions

    D1-Mentor D2-Toledo Central Catholic D3-Bishop Hartley D4-Wyoming D5-Kirtland D6-Anna D7-Marion Local
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    Massillon Running Back Arrested
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    Statewide vs Regional Playoffs

    Harbins vs top 32 D1 Region 1:10 Region 2:7 Region 3:10 Region 4:5 D2 Region 5:6 Region 6:9 Region 7:6 Region 8:11 D3 Region 9:11 Region 10:7 Region 11:8 Region 12:6 D4 Region 13:5 Region 14:9 Region 15:8 Region 16:10 D5 Region 17:8 Region 18:10 Region 19:6 Region 20:8 D6 Region 21:10...
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    8 man predictions

    If you had to give a ballpark how many 8 man teams do you think the state has next season and how long do you think it will take for the state to officially recognize it
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    Harbins vs Top 32

    D1 Region 1:11 Region 2:6 Region 3:10 Region 4:5 D2 Region 5:6 Region 6:7 Region 7:7 Region 8:12 D3 Region 9:10 Region 10:7 Region 11:9 Region 12:6 D4 Region 13:6 Region 14:11 Region 15:6 Region 16:9 D5 Region 17:9 Region 18:10 Region 19:7 Region 20:6 D6 Region 21:10 Region 22:4 Region...
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    Statewide Standings Pre Week 10

    Statewide Standings with Playoff Fates and Conference Champions
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    What Home and Home Series would you like to see

    My top 5 Massillon Steubenville New Phila Mansfield Toledo CC Hoban St Ed’s Saint V Kirtland Mogadore
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    Woodward and Rogers what happens?

    Woodward sits at 2-5 More than likely out of the playoffs but Rogers sits at 5-2... what happens if this tie leaves Rogers at 9 needed that 6th win does the OHSAA resume the game the monday or Tuesday after week 10
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    Missing final scores

    Collinwood vs Dayton Thurgood Marshall Ashtabula St John vs St Mary’s CC
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    Cuyahoga Falls:Will they ever get it turned around

    Haven’t went 500 or better since 2002 will this school ever find a way to turn things around
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    OHSAA playoff system thoughts

    How do you feel about the playoff system and What would you change if given the chance
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    Program Related Tattoos

    Anyone got any tats related to their school or team much like college and NFL fans do curious to see if anyone has any Ohio High school related ones
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    Statewide Standings Updated 9/19/19 After Week 3 I apologize for the lack of movement in terms of conference record standings now that most leagues begin Conference play i will begin to adjust standings accordingly
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    Statewide Standings After Week 2 UPDATED 9/11/2019
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    Statewide Standings UPDATED Wednesday September 4th
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    High School Football Pet Peeves?

    Teams/Conferences in Conferences under 11 Members that don’t play full Conference Schedules (Cleveland Senate League And Cincinnati Metro are two examples )
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    Kept Statewide standings last year!

    Last Season i kept standings schedules and records for every single conference in the OHSAA the hardest part was keeping the conferences and Divisions correct ans with all the movement and cancelled seasons it makes it harder so if anyone knows the correct conferences and teams in them any help...