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    The Media and Covid

    MSM doesn't care about America. They are evil people. CNN sucks
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    Democrats are electing Trump 2024
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    Q is at it again, Q Tip
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    Tiger Woods accident
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    Newsmax and others

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    NFL Wants to charge double

    I don't understand it. Market shares for viewing are dropping and you double the price to networks? Hmmm
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    Fraudulent Impeachment Evidence Edited Criminal
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    Every possible gun owner should have to watch this Graphic!!!

    List all of the mistakes by both parties.
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    Biden to take new Covid test live on CNN
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    Sedition -- Time will tell

    Was the event organized? Was it pre planned? Was there a plan to overthrow the government. Will be interesting. The media can stick with the propaganda. Let's hear real details. I'm tired of the boogeyman narrative.
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    Biden and New Mexico
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    Did the Biden family get money from foreign governments

    Simple question. Has the Biden family used power for profit?
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    CNN wants Newsmax gone.
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    NBA mask fine $1,000,000

    They will come for you
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    CNN the crowbar network
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    No Violence
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    Google lol

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    RIP Ashli Babbit

    You gave the ultimate for what you believed in.
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    Tea smackdown

    Don't know if video is appropriate. Adult content. I personally think the guy was very measured in his response. I support the response in full.. My question is if the big guy was white guy and the smaller guy was black would the same rules apply.