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    2019 ECC predictions

    Who did Anderson scrimmage and how did they look?
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    What's the meaning

    behind the name Yappi?
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    Urban Legends in Ohio

    The Giants of Conneaut:
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    Why don't schools provide lacrosse equipment for their players? Seems like the only sport they don't.
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    Hamilton Open Any ideas? Arvie try again?
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    East Clinton coach resigns

    Really weird timing, resigning right before your team leaves to go play
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    Mvc 2018

    How do you see the Scarlet and Grey divisions finishing?
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    Should a coach fight back?

    A coaching friend of mine had a parent use their work email to spread lies and try to get them fired (the statements made were investigated and found to be untrue) Should my friend email the parents employer (HR and higher-ups) and let them know the employee is using their email for this kind...
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    Native Americans as Mascots

    Big debate in Anderson Township where a minority of the people want to get rid of the "Redskins" nickname, even though it has the support of several Indian Tribes. What do you all think of this? Is this PC gone too far? If the people represented by the logo/nickname don't have a problem with...
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    Umpire shortage

    Anyone else experiencing issues getting umpires? I know games (mainly JV) that have been cancelled due to lack of an umpire, varsity only having one umpire for a game, and makeup games having issues being rescheduled due to an umpire shortage. What's causing the shortage? How do we fix it?
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    Pitino to UGA????

    Hearing rumors he is a candidate? How the F can anyone consider hiring him?
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    Does your school have seniors on the JV team?
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    Cincy area 2018

    Who should we looking out for? Can Williamsburg repeat? Who are the top teams in each division?
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    How come schools

    don't supply lacrosse equipment (pads, helmets, etc...) like they do for football?
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    Can't believe its been almost 10 years

    since Mr. Angry delighted us with his presence and stories. Was looking in the Archives section and came across those threads, those were some classic Yappi posts
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    SUA Cincy

    Did they hire a coach yet? Practice starts in less than a month
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    Aiken open?

    According to OHSAA it is. Where do Pflug go - was so pro-Aiken
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    Cincy openings

    So what’s the word? What are people hearing? Moeller Middletown Madeira
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    Strong year for the conference, 3 teams are sectional champions: Williamsburg. Western Brown, and CNE. Two teams are sectional runners-up: Bethel-Tate and New Richmond.
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    Woodward 1 - Withrow 0?

    According to The score has been changed to a 0-1 loss Anyone have any details?