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    I am in favor of more duals and less tournaments. But for a DIII team that had a small roster and can not fill every weight class, duals were not fun. Many matches, told them go out and wrestle for yourself to get better because we know we are not going to win the dual. Anyone else...
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    Covid home weigh-ins

    One hour for d3 at troy.
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    ISO jr high meet on 1/9

    In search of a Jr high meet on 1/9/21. We are in southwest Ohio. Email if you have an opening.
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    East Clinton Dual tournaments - Jan 16th

    For varsity - Williamsburg, West Union, Dayton Christian For Jr High - Williamsburg, CNE, Wilmington
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    East Clinton Dual tournaments - Jan 16th

    East Clinton is hosting a Varsity and Jr high Dual tournament on January 16th. Wrestling starts at 11am. We are looking for 1 varsity and 1 Jr high team. Email if you are interested.
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    Need Matches

    Who are the small teams? If close, maybe put together a small meet where you try and get kids 1-2 matches. East Clinton (8 wrestlers). Between Cin & Col.
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    January Tournaments

    East Clinton hs is also looking for something on 1/9/21.
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    Greenfield McClain new head coach

    Congrats coach. Send me an email at Looking to see if you have any points available or hosting anything we could get in on.
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    Blanchester looking for tris any Saturday in Jan.

    East Clinton is also looking for Jan 9th and 23rd or 30th.
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    2020-2021 Tournaments That Cancel This Year

    Here is a proposal with tournaments that have to cancel. Let say you are hosting a tournament with 18 teams and have to cancel. When you send out your notice, list all the schools that were scheduled. Try to split that tournament up to 3 different site meets. The host school should still be...
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    If fall sports coming back safely

    Coaching for wrestling begins 11/13. That is also the same date of the expected state championships for football. I think they will hold out as long as possible to make decisions on winter sports. If football gets thu, we have a chance. Might be modified schedule.
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    New teaching opening and coaching at East Clinton

    East Clinton Local Schools is accepting applications for a Licensed Intervention Specialist. The position is at East Clinton Middle School for grades 6-8. Candidates should possess the necessary license, K-12 Intervention Specialist. Please send a letter of interest, copy of teaching license...
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    East Clinton will have 4 teaching openings

    East Clinton has 4 openings. 2 at the high school and 2 at the elementary. Also have a paid wrestling coach position. Email Doug.Stehlin@eastclinton for wrestling. See the link for teaching positions...
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    East Clinton will have 4 teaching openings

    East Clinton LSD will have 4 openings in 2020-2021. 1 middle school math, 2 high school math and 1 high school intervention specialist. Click the link to check out the info.
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    Barbarian Apparel singlet contest

    Help EAST CLINTON, OHIO beat an Iowa team in this contest in round 1 to win singlets.
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    NCAA Tournament Is Cancelled

    Trackwrestling is doing a computerized version.
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    Day 3 without wrestling

    I found on Netflix a documentary called Team Foxcatcher. It's not the movie, it's a documentary. Also watched WWE Raw with no fans.
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    Season Length

    I agree the season is too long and like the idea of having state be the last weekend of February. I also understand that a coach has the choice to make the schedule to fit their team. However it is not always easy. We started the 2nd weekend in December and it felt odd seeing teams post their...
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    Santa vs Grinch in school dual

    East Clinton hosted Madison Plains in an in school dual. The match started with a Santa vs Grinch match in front of the student body.