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  1. John Lee Pettimore

    The bigger gaffe?

    Wakefield - "I think they're the 11th best team in the region." Dabo - "I think they're the 11th best team in the nation."
  2. John Lee Pettimore

    '20/'21 Massillon Basketball

    Please keep it civil.
  3. John Lee Pettimore

    Massillon impresses OHSAA

    Massillon superintendent Paul Salvino knew they had a tough task ahead of them....only 26 hours until game time. "We found out at 11:00 on Thursday morning with a 1:00 kickoff on Friday afternoon." "We estimated that about 100 volunteers were required." The Massillon Tiger Swing Band Booster...
  4. John Lee Pettimore

    5-5 Nordonia @ 4-5 Jackson

    Jackson has had trouble scoring points, Nordonia has given up a ton of points. Both teams have been eliminated for weeks, who gets up for this one more?
  5. John Lee Pettimore

    Westerville South @ THE Massillon Washington II

    Let's try this again. Again, let's keep it clean. Westerville with the upset.
  6. John Lee Pettimore

    5-2 North Canton @ 6-1 Massillon

    Let's be civil. Who wins? I got Hoover by 7.
  7. John Lee Pettimore

    2-2 Col. Walnut Ridge @ 5-1 Massillon Washington

    Who wins this? The winner gets the winner of Uniontown Lake and North Canton Hoover.
  8. John Lee Pettimore

    Massillon....moving forward

    The regular season is complete and it's on the the playoffs. What did we learn during the regular season that we can expect moving forward? The loss of Venson is definitely a bummer but we may have found a nice little rotation at would be nice to have Venson to run between the tackles...
  9. John Lee Pettimore

    Post your teams captains.

    Massillon Xavier Andrews Zach Catrone Andrew Wilson-Lamp Terrance Rankle Congratulations
  10. John Lee Pettimore

    Massillon Washington vs Massillon Jackson?

    This is what I am hearing. A three year contract starting in 2023. First game at Benson, second game at Fife third game at PBTS. If this is true, looks like maybe Peterson was the holdup.
  11. John Lee Pettimore

    2020 Massillon Football: WR Edition

    No matter who is under center for the Tigers in 2020, they will most likely lack varsity experience....what they won't be lacking in is talented targets to throw the ball to. Massillon returns two 1,000 yard receivers in Ohio State commit Jayden Ballard, (68 catches 1202 yards 18 td's) and West...
  12. John Lee Pettimore

    Replacing your rival (hypothetical)

    Who is your rival and if, hypothetically, for one reason or another, you couldn't continue the rivalry, who would you like to see step in and become your new rival? For me, if Massillon couldn't play McKinley anymore I'd like to see Steubenville or Perry fill the void.
  13. John Lee Pettimore

    Way too early predictions Stark/Fed part 1

    2019 predictions (McKinley) WGH W Buchel W Euclid L Green W NCH W Lake W Jackson W Glenoak W Perry L Massillon L McKinley goes 7-3 (GlenOak) South Bend JA Ind. W Massillon L Fitch L NCH L Green W Jackson L St. V L McKinley L Lake L Perry L GlenOak goes 2-8...