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  1. EagleGuy

    Favorite Candy Bar

    Once upon a time, my desk "breakfast of champions" was a Three Musketeers candy bar and a can of Dr. Pepper. Those days are long gone, but occasionally I find myself longing for a 3M and a cold glass of milk. (Dr. Pepper would be okay, too, for old times' sake). What is your favorite candy...
  2. EagleGuy


    BlackHawk has not posted since mid-December. :unsure:
  3. EagleGuy

    Biden: How Many Times

    will he say "C'mon man! Gimme a break." or just "C'mon man" before he leaves office?
  4. EagleGuy

    #1 Gonzaga vs. #6 Kansas - Thanksgiving Day

    1:30 FOX Unlike most (all?) of today's games, this one could be a good one.
  5. EagleGuy

    Favorite Thanksgiving Side Dish

    What is your favorite Thanksgiving side dish? Mine has always been dressing/stuffing, however, I can think of some other great ones. And, yes, I am one of those wackos who actually likes cranberry sauce out of the can! Bring on the choices and prepare to mouth-water! 🦃
  6. EagleGuy

    Turkey or Ham

  7. EagleGuy

    Vigo County Poll

    May as well post here vs. general board because... Yikes!
  8. EagleGuy

    HapPy MondAy !!!

    🥳🥳🥳 I love my work and can't wait to get back to it on HapPy MondAy! Do you (you!) feel like I do? Have a good day and an even better week!
  9. EagleGuy

    2020 Games You Are Watching

    Without the B1G, the start of this season will be lean for many of us. For SEC and ACC fans, I hope the season goes as planned. That said, here are the games I plan to watch tomorrow: (UNC) Charlotte at Appalachian State 12:00 ESPN2 Duke at Notre Dame 2:30 NBC Clemson at Wake Forest 7:30 ABC...
  10. EagleGuy

    The Dog Days of Summer and Gasoline Prices

    Who let the dogs out??? Gas is ~$2.00 here before any discount. Will it stay in this range until Labor Day?
  11. EagleGuy

    Thinking Of Buying A Pickup Truck

    I'd like to buy a new truck by year's end. I've had GMC (2), Ford and Mazda in the past. Any suggestions?
  12. EagleGuy

    Things People Say (or Do) That Make You Smile

    I can think of many such things, but as an example imagine this exchange at work: Eric (or Julie) approaches with a troubled look on his/her face. You mischievously ask "How's it going"? And Eric (or Julie) answers "living the life, living the life"! Or course, you do hope his/her day gets...
  13. EagleGuy

    Breakfast for Supper or Supper for Breakfast?

    Are you a normal or abnormal foodie? I often eat breakfast at supper, but have not done the opposite - yet. Guess that makes me somewhat abnormal! :p
  14. EagleGuy

    VR COVID-19 Town Hall w/Nanome

    If you have an extra hour and a half, you may find this town hall "exploring the corona virus spike protein in 3D" interesting. A FoldIt player passed it along to the community. Way cool.
  15. EagleGuy

    2019-2020 Bowl Game Discussion

    Many fans may be interested only in the major bowl games and the national playoff, however, I find some of the early "insignificant" bowls interesting, too. Currently, Charlotte (local interest to me) is playing the MAC's Buffalo - in the Bahamas! Tonight, Kent State (dad's alma mater) takes on...
  16. EagleGuy

    It's 1850

    It's 1850. What is your name and occupation? Where do you live? I've thought about my situation, but would like to hear your's first. Add a picture, etc. of yourself if you wish.
  17. EagleGuy

    Has Anyone Had This Computer Problem Before?

    My laptop time keeps reverting to the original setup date and time 08/20/09 and I have to re-set it each time I logon - either before the Windows logo appears (F2) or before I attempt to access the net (right click the date/time). In addition, Windows does a crash dump about half the time -...
  18. EagleGuy

    Big Bull No bull!!! :eek:
  19. EagleGuy

    Warning: Don't Depend Solely On GPS

    Horrific, but she's okay, guys!
  20. EagleGuy

    The Ohio State Buckeyes Basketball - 2018-2019

    May as well get this started. What is the outlook for this year? Re-building? Improvement? Who are the guys to lead the team and the newbies to watch this year? Go Bucks!