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    Springfield Spartans Basketball

    I have been a big critic of Spartan hoops over the years. I just was to say congrats to the Spartans on winning some games. Coach Coal piddled around for years but it looks like he finally has this team going in the right direction. Congrats to Coach Coal and enjoy the season.
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    Is Former Springfield Coach Tim Coal now the Head Coach of Mckinley?

    I was backpacking in The Rockies and have been a little out of the loop. I went to the Mckinley Boardman game last week and I saw what appeared to be Coach Coal roaming the sidelines. IF that is not Coal can someone please tell me what this guy's name is?
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    Hoban, St V, Walsh, Eds, and Iggy Should Form Their Own League

    Change my mind!
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    Massillon FOOTBALL 2020

    This thread is for Massillon FOOTBALL talk, if you have an agenda or are a hater take your garbage elsewhere.
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    Springfield Hoops

    I cannot believe how dead this school forum has been. I have not had access to a computer in 2 months as I have been fasting in The Himalayas. How is the season going?
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    Revere Youth basketball

    I just bought a place in the Revere high school area. My nephew who I adopted is a third grader. Does anyone Have the contact information of a youth director ? Thank you
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    2017 2018 Hoops

    With Coach Cool in his 3rd year at the helm I would fully expect a good season out of the Spartans. I know in the past Cole has told me that other teams were cheating and dirty within the league. I am going to give my buddy a call and find out what he is expecting out of the Spartans this...
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    California Baseball

    I will be in SoCal until 4/9 or possibly 4/14. Does anyone know of any good high school teams out this way? Would like to check a couple out. Thanks
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    2017 Springfield Football

    How is the team looking next year? What does the schedule look like? Do they open with the annual beatdown handed to them by Ellet? Why dont they get that game off the schedule? Tough to overcome an 0-1 start every year, let alone the trouncing and arse-whipping Ellet gives them.
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    Hitting the Club up Tonight

    Time to smash:Party:
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    Springfield Basketball

    Saw they came back and played streetsboro close? What happened there ? Was anyone at the game?
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    PTC Metro 2016/2017

    Who is the favorite to win the league this year? I ran into Coach Tim Coal at the Giant Eagle on 224 and he seemed very optimistic about this years Spartan team. He said that he was on his way to the SHS Boy's Lock in and was just picking up some drink boxes, fish tacos and a 12 pack of brats...
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    Massillon Jackson Basketball

    I figured with CM already having a 5 page thread going Jackson should have one. What are everyone's thoughts on the Purple Bears:rainbow: this season? Are they good enough to compete for a district title? They are very sound and have been trained to do the right things. Though they lack a...
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    Akron Ellet vs Akron Kenmore

    Anyone have any opinions on Ellet running the score up on Kenmore tonight? My neffewwas there and said Ellet was pushing for tds late in the game! Any info would help
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    Greynolds hired last Friday

    Good luck coach
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    2016-2017 Spartan Basketball

    How have open gyms been going? What type of Summer program are they running? How many leagues are they playing in? I assume the players are developed after a year of Coach Cole's coaching and are ready to compete for a title?
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    Springfield Baseball

    I just noticed that the head coach of Springfield decided he would rather be a base coach at Ellet? After the best sports year in a long time for Springfield sports? What happened?:shrug:
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    TV Episode 4 of House of Cards (Spoilers)

    Spoiler Alert! Discuss
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    Copley (24-1)

    Want to hear from the Copley faithful. This has to be deemed as a very disappointing season right? Losing in a district semi final to the worse Lake team in the last five years?