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    Loveland HS

    Surprised no one is talking about the open position... any front runners?? Good talent in that area.
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    Wayne Warrior Football

    Has to be way more games out there somewhere. Posting this hoping others will see it and upload more Wayne Warrior Football games.
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    Can they keep the state championship per decade streak alive? Somewhat surprised nobody is talking about this... The regionals look to be wide open with Moeller/Mason/Badin/East all getting bounced early.
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    Isaiah Bowser

    Good debate last fall about what position he would play at Northwestern. Who is eating crow?
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    GWOC National vs GMC

    GWOC National Wayne (3-1) Centerville (4-0) Fairmont (4-0) Springfield (3-1) Beavercreek (4-0) Miamisburg (3-1) Northmont (3-1) Lebanon (2-2) Springboro (1-3) GMC Colerain (2-2) Mason (3-1) Sycamore (3-1) Princeton (1-3) Oak Hills (0-4) Middletown (0-4) Lakota West (1-3) Lakota East (3-1)...
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    Isaiah Bowser. Mr.Football??

    Nobody outside of Sidney is talking about this kid. A Northwestern commit that already has 1250 yards rushing in 4 games. He's on pace to break 3000 yards in a 10 game season. I don't care who they play. That's mind boggling. How many times has a back crossed 3000 yards in a season? I know...
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    7 on 7 in Dayton

    I heard there was a 7 on 7 in Dayton recently. Dunbar, Wayne, Miamisburg, Tudor(??) and newly formed West Clermont HS were all in attendance. Anyone there to see the action?? I heard West Clermont had only one loss coming to Miamisburg. I know it's just 7 on 7 but that is interesting to say...
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    Ohio Tribe 16u

    The Ohio Tribe 16u baseball team is looking to add a couple more players. The team is based out of Cincinnati and will be play a strong mid week schedule in addition to some of the top tournaments in the midwest region. A couple of these events will be out of town. Call or message Head Coach...
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    Centerville at Boro

    Looking forwards to tonights game. First time being able to see both teams live. Interested to see a couple things. Can Centerville bounce back? Things have been bad but a win here really puts them back in the right direction. How good is Springboro really? Cunningham made them go. Can the...
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    Centerville Football. 2-8???

    Some people will kill me for this but oh well. Looking at the rest of the Centerville schedule it honestly looks to me like 2-8 or 3-7 season. Happy the parents got what they wanted but what a shame for a once proud program.
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    Huber Heights Wayne 7 on 7's

    It's been pretty quiet which is odd. Any word on how Wayne has looked thus far? With the rumor of a new QB in town you would think more would be out about the team and the new player(s). Any info out there?
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    All Southwest District teams

    Pretty easy to find the all ohio team selections. Anyone have a link or know where I can find a list of the Southwest Ohio All district team selections??
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    5/1 SW Ohio Tournament Draw

    The regular season is about to wrap up. The tournament draw will be posted this Sunday 5/1/16. Who are the favorites across all divisions this spring to make a run to Columbus? How will the seeding shake out?
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    D-1 SW Ohio Sectional Finals Tonight

    Would anyone be willing to update the games from Cincy and Dayton tonight? Looks like some good matchups left in the Sectional Finals.
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    Springboro vs Wayne

    Very intriguing matchup. At least 2 former Wayne coaches and one former player on springboro's staff that I know of. Springboro has some good talent and if Wayne takes them lightly it could make for a very interesting night. I usually would wait for warriorone to post a write up but with the...
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    Wayne vs Springfield fight

    Round 2 SMH
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    D'Mitrick Trice

    Where is he going next year for college?? I think I heard he was going to a prep school but I am not 100% sure on that at all.
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    D-1 Southwest Ohio Tournament Draw

    Tournament starts up this week. Who are the favorites to make it through districts and regionals? Moeller, West, Mason? Who are the teams you cant sleep on that could make a run? Glen Este, Loveland, St.X, Lakota East? A ton of good teams and talent down here. Its that time of year, what does...
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    2015 Baseball Schedules

    Can a moderator please sticky this thread. With the 1st day of coaching a month away it seems to be a good time to see who everyone has on their schedule for the spring. Post Em!!
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    City of Palms Classic

    Is there a website streaming audio or video for this event?? I know they usually show the finals on ESPN but wasn't sure if they did live streaming of the whole tournament. Any info would be greatly appreciated... vamps or kyle e??