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    The New Portage Trail Conference

    Next year starts a new chapter of the Portage Trail Conference ( old Portage County League). Remaining schools Mogadore, Ravenna Southeast and Rootstown will be joined by new members Louisville St. Thomas and Warren John F. Kennedy. These 5 will be the football schools since Hartville Lake...
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    Mogadore vs Py Valley

    The 6-0 Lakers visit Mogadore Memorial stadium on Saturday. They bring a very lofty record with them. I know they play in a conference of very small schools some which have canceled games due to numbers. Hopefully the WILDCATS don't overlook any opponent and continue to play hard. Anyone have...
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    Saturday Updates - 10/17

    Akron East ORIENTALS beating Akron Ellet Orangemen 13- 6 last I saw.
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    Rootstown COVID-19

    Today's Record Courier reports entire Rootstown football team and staff are quarantined due to positive COVID-19 case. This team played Mogadore just last Friday night. Hopefully the WILDCATS dodge this. Good well wishes to the Rootstown team. This team has been through enough this year and now...
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    Saturday Updates - 9/26

    Akron Buchtel 15 Akron East 0 2nd quarter
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    Mogadore vs South Range scrimmage

    Anyone have how it went last night?
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    PTC schedule

    Anyone know the Portage trail county schedule?
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    Playing only league games?

    Sounds ok unless your 1. Not in a league. 2. Your league only has 4 schools so you only play 3 games like the Portage trail county division. Don't know how those schools are expected to have a season.
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    What mascot names are next?

    I think next on the chopping block will be animal names. Wildcats, Tigers others as humane society will not want them exploited. Then Vikings, Invaders, Rovers as they pillaged and plundered many native peoples. Others to go??? Also we know names of schools Jefferson, Washington Adams even...
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    Mantua Crestwood drops 4 sports

    Although not football related, Crestwood high school in Portage County dropped boys golf, girls golf, boys and girls swimming. This school left the Portage trail county division because some schools didn't offer these. They joined the Chagrin Valley conference. Wonder how the new league will...
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    Atwater Waterloo demolishes bleachers

    Drove by Atwater Waterloo stadium and the entire home side including bleachers, concession stand and restrooms are gone. The visitors bleachers also gone and sitting in that place are what appear to be what were auxiliary band bleachers. Theses are very, very small. They are about 3 maybe 4...
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    Final year of REAL Portage county league

    Garrettsville Garfield, Mogadore, Rootstown and Ravenna Southeast will play the final year of what was once the Portage county league now Portage trail county division. Garrettsville Garfield leaves after this football season leaving the other 3. Added are Louisville St.Thomas Aquinis and...
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    Mogadore schedule 2020

    Has Mogadore filled their 2020 schedule? I think week 7 is still open and Cincinnati Taft pulled out of work 10 . Is this correct??
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    Mogadore schedule 2020

    Anyone have Mogadore's football schedule for upcoming season? With Valley Christian and Mantua Crestwood leaving this year, that leaves at least 2 open dates. Heard Mogadore Field is week 1 and rumor picked up Hudson Western Reserve Academy ( don't understand this one as not a OHSAA school). But...
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    Suburban League expansion

    The Suburban league is looking to expand. ADs to meet Feb.1st. Louisville??? Orhers?? Or maybe a small school division?? Mogadore Manchester, Rootstown others??
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    Jackson Milton tournament

    Anyone know the schedule and teams in Jackson Milton tournament which begins Friday Dec. 27th.
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    Alliance, Mt. Union tournament

    Does anyone know the schedule and schools playing this Saturday, Dec.21st? I know Rootstown vs Alliance at 1:30, Mogadore vs W. Branch at 5:00 ?? Others..
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    Thursday OCT. 25th games Akron area

    Any local games tonight. Summit, Portage, Stark area?
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    Portage Trail loses another school.

    Youngstown Valley Christian has accepted invitation to join new league. With Crestwood leaving only 5 schools remain with only 4 football schools. Apparently Garfield, Mogadore, Rootstown and Southeast have applied to become members of the Mahoning Valley Athletic League. Hopefully they are...
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    Mogadore vs Mogadore Field

    The rivalry will finally be renewed! Mogadore visits cross " reservoir " rival Mogadore Field. This dates back to when Suffield had it's own school before consolidating with Brimfield. 2 communities that share a postal address and many relatives on both sides. Haven't played since early 2000's...