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    Hubbard let go at Madison
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    Incident stops Oyler-New Miami game See at 53:10 of this video
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    Edwin Moses article Lots to know about this outstanding man. My regard for him has been elevated.
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    3200 on the track at Lakota West Not sure if you have to log in to see these results. Can cut and paste if needed.
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    Brother and sister each win DII races at VOA

    Maura Mathews led Badin girls to a second place finish by winning the DII meet at VOA in a time of 19:29.8. A little while later her older brother Owen led the Badin boys to a district championship by placing first in a time of 16:15.8.
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    Lakota East, Lebanon, and Oak Hills girls in 3-way tie at Lebanon Invitational

    Girls' D1 #3 Lakota East 49 Girls' DI #11 Lebanon 49 Girls'D1 #18 Oak Hills 49
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    Could this happen in Ohio?
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    Troy Regional DII

    Are any districts besides Cedarville and VOA being represented at this regional meet? How many teams and how many individuals move on to state? Milesplit has only the SW teams at Troy. Is this correct?
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    GCL CoEd Meet

    GHG Timing is handling this meet, but has no info on race times, etc. I'm assuming that the meet is at Fenwick. Anybody have info on location and race times?
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    Conant Smith update Article from Journal News. You may have to log in to read this. You can also get to it from Dayton Daily News if you subscribe.
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    GCL Coed

    Anybody have race times? Will Badin's boys finally be able to knock off Carroll?
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    Heroic effort at Piqua Regional
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    Oyler's one-man track team
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    GCL coed race schedule

    Does anyone have Sat.'s race schedule for the GCL Coed meet at Fenwick?
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    Results-Dayton D II District Meet 2001

    Does anyone have results for Dayton D II District Meet 2001? I am especially interested in the boys' 4x800 times to help determine a school record.
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    Cedar runner struck by deer

    Cedarville runner struck by deer
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    GCL Coed race schedule

    I'm assuming the GCL coed Championship races are at Fenwick. Does anyone have the time schedule?
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    Coed CC Championship?

    Since the divisions for boys' and girls' championships have been converted, perverted, contorted and distorted, I believe an argument for co-ed state championships is defensible. At the district level, simply add the score of each boys' team to the score of its girls' team and eliminate those...
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    OHSAA rule change

    OHSAA rule change What do you think?
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    Trophy give away

    I have about 80 trophies and plaques that our cross country teams have acquired over about a 20 year period. If anybody is interested in re-purposing them, many are in good shape. Our school has no place to store them and they've been gathering dust in my attic, garage, and basement. They are...