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    Will OHSAA consider increasing contact days for spring coaches once things open up?

    Would love it if HS softball and baseball coaches could have more contact days this fall if things open up.
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    DeWine: School Buildings will not reopen this Spring

    Every major summer tournament uses a large facility either school district/university/city owned. I am afraid that the chances they allow use this summer is slim to none. Berliner, OSU, Olentangy schools to name a few. Compuware in Detroit area... I am just thinking out loud. It is very sad.
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    Thoughts on what to do if summer tournaments cancel

    I wonder if a format where 3 or 4 teams played a round robin weekend schedule could work. No hotels, small crowds, limited travel to control costs and no need for extensive planning. You could invite college coaches if you desire. No marathon weekends, thus fresh players and hopefully a high...
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    Ohio High School Softball/Coronavirus

    As a summer coach, I would welcome delaying and playing HS season into late June and giving up some summer tournaments. The girls work so hard that I would hate to see a rush to judgement on HS season.
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    2020 Uniontown Lake Blue Streaks

    Best conference from top to bottom in the state. Who stays healthy. Who gets hot. Add in a little luck and there are 4 teams with a legit chance to win a state title.