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  1. Pile Driver

    Swim times 2020-2021

    Is there a site that tracks the top times in the state by division/events? Thanks in advance!
  2. Pile Driver

    Dover @ New Philadelphia

    Did I miss something or has there not been a post about the game yet??? I’m guessing things are looking rough on Dover’s end, so not much smack talk this year!!! Predictions on the game? Any news on Ravine’s injury and if he plans to play Friday night? Weather looks like it’s going to be...
  3. Pile Driver

    Hilton Head

    Heading there with the family for the first time. We rented a house with a pool so we could get away, but can still isolate. Any suggestions on places to eat? Golf courses that are worth playing? Adventures?
  4. Pile Driver

    Meadowbrook vs Dover - 1/31/20

    Should be a great matchup tonight at Dover. Meadowbrook looking to avenge the loss earlier this season to the Tornadoes (45-36). Only teams to be Meadowbrook this season are Dover and Wheeling Park, so they are a good team. Dover is playing very well right now, especially on the offensive...
  5. Pile Driver

    Dover Basketball 2019-2020

    Any insight on how the team is going to be this year? Much like the football team they lost a large chunk of their players from last season, but there are some talented kids coming up for sure. Ruegsegger is the obvious best player returning. I'd think we'll see a lot from Ayden Hall/Nathan...
  6. Pile Driver

    Results from the Dover - Ashland scrimmage?

    I was looking in the T-R and they hadn't posted any results. Curious if anyone went to the scrimmage and the outcome. Thanks in advance.
  7. Pile Driver

    Hoover at Dover 2/19

    Any predictions on this one? I’d think this will be a very competitive game and a good measuring stick for Dover as they enter the Federal League heavy Canton District.
  8. Pile Driver

    New Philadelphia at Dover 1/8/19

    Any thoughts on this game? We know Dover will keep the score low if NP wants to run. BVK knows how to win close, low scoring games. I say Dover wins 46-41.
  9. Pile Driver

    Cleveland JFK at Dover

    Quiet in the forum so far on this game. Dover won last year’s contest 42-0 I believe. Any reason think this year’s game will be closer or more exciting, or should we expect another running clock? Good luck to both teams and I’m hoping for a safe and healthy game for all participants.
  10. Pile Driver

    Cody Burcher

    Just curious why he is no longer on OSU’s wrestling roster. I thought he had at least 1 more year of eligibility. Did he transfer or just call it quits? Either way, best of luck to him whichever direction life takes him.
  11. Pile Driver

    D-1 125 rankings

    Just curious on everyone’s opinion. If Iowa does end up burning Spencer Lee’s redshirt this year, where do you think he’ll be ranked in the initial polls and where will he end the year? A buddy of mine is a huge Iowa fan and I believe Lee is the next coming of Logan Steiber and will be a 4x...
  12. Pile Driver

    Dover Football 2015

    Not a lot of talk on here about the Tornadoes this year. What can we expect from them? I know they graduated a lot of seniors, so it will be interesting to see how the younger guys step it up. They have a pretty rough schedule this year picking up Cleveland CC, Lake, Steubenville, and...
  13. Pile Driver

    ECOL tourney

    Does anyone have updates from the tournament? Individual results as well as team results? Thanks in advance.
  14. Pile Driver

    Coshocton Redskins (7-0) vs Dover Tornadoes (5-2)

    Not sure if I missed a topic on this game, but it should be a good one Friday night at the Brickhouse. Anyone have any thoughts? Dover's spread vs the Coshocton wing-t. I haven't seen Coshocton's schedule, but 7-0 is 7-0. Go Dover!!
  15. Pile Driver

    Cody Burcher...

    I didn't see a thread for this, so I wanted to congratulate Cody on his commitment to OSU and wish him the best of luck for his senior year at Claymont!!