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  1. Red14

    NBA restart - what's your interest level?

    The NBA players are, I feel, trending into dangerous waters with all of the off court, political things that keep being mentioned. As a fan, I'm most interested in their basketball games and how it affects my team. Could the NBA players be sabotaging their own careers and the future careers of...
  2. Red14

    American History

    So is it safe to say that schools will no longer educate on American history as many of the historical people and landmarks are being stricken off the record?
  3. Red14


    There appears to Finally be some movement to the middle for baseball. It appears now the conversation is about the number of games. 60-70 games.
  4. Red14

    If Major League Baseball returns...

    So for more than a few weeks, we've seen the baseball owners and players union bounce back and forth with proposals for starting their season. What's your feelings about it?
  5. Red14


    Listening to Lance McCallister's "SportsTalk" show on 700 WLW tonight, and he's got an owner of a bowling ally on and going over the rules of bowling reopening today. My question...why were they closed to begin with?? I mean you can easily limit numbers of bowlers, skip lanes, each person...
  6. Red14

    1990 Cincinnati Reds

    I believe on Fox Sports Ohio this week, beginning Wednesday, the 1990 world series games will be re-aired. What a magical season for the Reds!!! From the delayed start, the Reds beginning on the road in Houston, winning the first 9 games and going wire to wire. Should be fun to relive that...
  7. Red14

    Yin/ Yang

    There are so many things about this corona virus that is counter acted by an opposite reaction. Logically, many of these things simply don't make sense. For instance, due to the possibility that inmates could get corona if someone inside was infected (not sure how) but the state is releasing...
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    The XFL starts this weekend, what is your interest level?
  9. Red14

    Coach guessing

    Can we make the media and sports "experts" adhere to a new agreement in the future??? That is this...until a school, team or entity ANNOUNCE they are firing a coach, don't speculate or give the job to other people. We were told back in September that Urban Meyer would be USC's football coach...
  10. Red14

    Texas sub-teacher beating student This video is incredible. A female substitute teacher in Texas just goes off on a student in class, beating a female high school student. This teacher...
  11. Red14

    Relatives get paid for watching the kids of relatives??? You learn something new every day... I didn't realize that the relatives (mom's / dad's; grandma's / grandpa's; aunts/ uncles) get PAID to take care of the kids of relatives who've been taken...
  12. Red14

    Today's news...

    This thread will just be some general thoughts on some news stories I see on a daily basis, some serious, some no so serious.... So today, I see a story that says one of the big pharmacy companies are filing bankruptcy to pay for all the lawsuits the local and state governments are filing for...
  13. Red14

    Tennessee Voulunteer fan "bullied" gets last laugh

    Ok, this cute story has made it's rounds the past week and is obviously getting alot of attention because it hits today's hot buttons. In summary, this 4th grade boy had a dress up day where you could wear the colors of your favorite team. The kid lives in Florida, but is a big Tennessee...
  14. Red14

    Open Carry/ Retail stores

    Well, here is a debate that sure to get alot of run, and frankly this really fascinates me. And not because I care one way or the other, but because of the polarizing effect it has on people's opinions. And understand that state laws also can apply as well. So many retailers are making their...
  15. Red14

    Kelly Bryant - no ring

    So former Clemson QB Kelly Bryant, who started 4 games last season for the Tigers, has made the news because it was decided by head coach Dabo Sweeney that he would not get a national championship ring. For some reason, many in the media are losing their minds over this??? First of all...