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    NCAA D3 National Tournament Cancelled

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    What happens if counties go "Purple"?

    I've heard some districts comment that if their counties go "Purple" the they'll go to 100% ritual learning. Does this have any impact on football/sports? I kinda stopped paying attention to all the updated rules/regulations/mandate/recommendations
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    Schools Going against Local Health Board recommendations?

    This should be a long list based on other threads. Post them here
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    NCAA Coaches talk about moving CWS to last week in July by 2022
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    New Lebanon AD?

    With Bill Stewart leaving and heading to Hamilton it leaves the Lebanon position open. Unique time because they're moving to a new league. I believe Lebanon's one of the larger schools in SW Ohio that don't have an Asst AD
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    The Season That Wasn't on Flo

    Anyone else watch this tonight? I thought it was pretty well put together. Just wish it was longer. The PreShow was 30 minutes and the feature film was 20 minutes.
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    Sidney won't give Josie Davis a banner because Girls isn't OHSAA
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    Art Briles hired as HIGH SCHOOL Head Coach Art Briles, the former Baylor football coach who was fired three years ago amid a sexual assault scandal at the Baptist school, has been hired to lead an East Texas high school program. Mount Vernon...
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    Draft Storylines

    Oklahoma QB Kyle Murray get's drafted by Oakland at #9. The slot pays $4,761,500. The money's guaranteed as long as he signs but the contract may include wording to not pay the full amount if he's injured playing football this coming fall. The Sooners are expecting him to compete for the...
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    Yappi Wrestling Board Rules?

    After not one but two threads were taken down yesterday accusing a coach in a specific program of improper and illegal allegations I have a question. What constitutes a reason for the mods to remove a thread? It's perfectly fine to get on here to bash LaSalle/Coach Root. Graham and the Jordan...
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    Kentucky Jr High Kids

    I was at a tournament today (Walnut Hills) where they wouldn't allow KY junior high kids to wrestle at the high school tournament. They supposedly called the head ref for the state who confirmed that they WERE NOT allowed. Now across the city at Coaches Classic there's a junior high kid in the...
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    Team Twitter Accounts

    I recently started a twitter account for Princeton High School @Vikings_Wrestle Would like to compile a list of other Ohio teams to follow. Hopefully they can be used to quickly share information with anyone who has an account delays/cancellations/results etc... Please post any other schools...
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    Flowrestling Question

    How are you guys accessing it from iPads? New to the game and thought there'd be an app but apparently not
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    Penn St vs OK St

    If you're reading this thread then you're obviously a wrestling fan but jumping on a point a friend pointed out this week, why can't we get this dual on national tv? I'm not sure of another college sport where you'd have to pay to watch #1 vs #2 on a Sunday afternoon. I've been a longtime member...
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    Rutgers and Maryland wrestling at Yankee Stadium Rutgers and Maryland are scheduled to wrestle at Yankee Stadium as part of a double header with a football game. Hopefully they get good weather and a competitive dual...
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    Sammy Brooks Barstool article For those not familiar with Barstool it's basically a sports/comedy/news site that rarely covers anything wrestling.
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    Non Profit Wrestling Camp

    I'm trying to start a one week, non-profit wrestling camp in SW Ohio which would provide opportunities for kids who wouldn't normally have the opportunity to get high level instruction the chance to do so. This is just in the very early planning stages and would obviously need sponsors...
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    State Duals Weight?

    With many schools, at least in SW OH, closed today will weigh ins be at scratch +3 +1?
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    Toughest Weight in the State?

    Bucksman and Boro can probably answer this question better than most since they follow the entire State/Country but what's everyone's opinion on toughest weight class in the state this year? It seems like every event I've gone to the talk has been about 138 which usually ended up being true at...
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    Missing Glasses from Mason Scrimmage 11/23

    I've heard of a special needs wrestler getting upset during the Frosh/New Wrestler portion of the scrimmage and throwing his glasses towards the bleachers and they still haven't been located. Judging from where that team was huddling they should have been "lost" somewhere near the middle section...