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  1. texasbob

    Pennsylvania Football Stadium Database

    I just completed my Pennsylvania Stadium Database. The count was 552 facilities listed. Check it out: Pennsylvania Stadiums
  2. texasbob

    How many Ohio HS stadiums have sold their naming rights?

    Here is the list I currently have: Let me know if there are any errors or additions.
  3. texasbob

    The Ohio Football Stadium Database

    This is my off season stadium database report. Work on the database began October 31st 2016. It was a crazy idea. One person on this board said i was wasting my time. So i thought I would make this report. After starting with Texas in 2004, Ohio wasn't my first rodeo. Why Ohio? It was...
  4. texasbob

    Off Season Project - Oklahoma Stadium site

    I like to have an off season project. This year I'm data-basing Oklahoma. I've identified 338 football stadium/fields that fit my criteria. So far I have published 170. I plan on completing the project before September 1st. Check it out and help me fix...
  5. texasbob

    Ohio WPA Stadiums

    I added a new data set to the OhioStadiums website: The Ohio Stadium Website traffic is up about 30% from last season. I also appreciate all the help I've received this year from Ohio football fans.
  6. texasbob

    West Virginia Stadium Database

    New 98% complete database of West Virginia Football Stadiums/Field.
  7. texasbob

    Texas UIL Realignment Explained
  8. texasbob

    Ohio Stadiums Database

    In September, 2016, I decide to create an online database all of the varsity football fields/stadiums in Ohio. I purchased URL and began to work. One of the reasons I decided to do it was the Yappi board, which told me that there was an active fan base in Ohio. That was what...
  9. texasbob

    Nothing cheap about cost of Texas high school football
  10. texasbob

    Ohio Football Stadium Database

    I'm very pleased with the success of the Ohio Football Stadium Database. I started this project mid season last year. A lot of Ohio football fans have participated with me by providing input, corrections and photographs. I appreciate their help. The season is close and the website traffic...
  11. texasbob

    New Stadium Data for New Mexico

    Slowly I've been taking one state at a time and filling out state stadium database. My most recent is New Mexico. I have 112 stadiums listed. I believe it to be about 95% of the stadiums. I'm always open to corrections and submissions
  12. texasbob

    Ohio Football Stadium Database

    Last October I posted this "In March and April when only the real die hard fans are talking football on this board I'll come back with my questions and ask for advice." Well I'm back. I now have 602 stadiums listed. Are they all correct? No Are they all located in the correct county? Most...
  13. texasbob

    My Ohio football stadiums has moved to its own website. I currently have 284 fields listed. I think that is a little less than half. Check it out: Thanks to everyone who have contributed. I always appreciate input, corrections and comments.
  14. texasbob

    Ohio Stadium Database Update

    I have not reported lately on the progress I'm making on the Ohio Stadium Database. When I started at the beginning of the season I had about 145 stadiums listed. Now I have 260 stadiums listed. I've got all of the low hanging fruit and stadiums submitted because of my last stadium thread and...
  15. texasbob

    Ohio Stadium Database more...

    I've been working on Ohio football stadiums for the last 30 days. I started with 144 and now I have 222. Some submitted by Ohio football fans but most dug out of the internet by me. I have at least one field for each of the 88 Ohio Counties. There about 491 local school districts I have not...
  16. texasbob

    Robert "Bump" Taylor Field ...

    I'm still working on Ohio Football Stadiums. I have all the information on Robert "Bump" Taylor Field except, who plays their home games there and don't have a photo of the field (not required) Any information would be appreciated. Also I the names of four other Cleveland area fields but that...
  17. texasbob

    New Index Page for Ohio Stadiums

    I had such a good response from the Ohio football fans that it pushed the stadium listing numbers up far enough to make it worth while to have better more useful index page. I also broke down the stadiums by region and by county. Then I add a few links with a few different data cuts of stadium...
  18. texasbob

    Ohio Football Stadiums

    I'm a Texas High School Football Fan, I'm a Stadium guy. In 2004 I published a database of Texas Football Stadiums online ( Later I started a website for all US Football Stadiums The US Stadium site had limited success. Ohio was pretty...