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  1. Termite2

    House Democratic Covid relief bill - inflation generator

    Among the many provisions in the House bill is sect 2101: It raises minimum wage to $15/hr in 5 years - This will increase inflation; how much to be determined BUT the real problem is year 6, when Congress gives the Sect of Labor the power to raise the minimum wage and not Congress. He is...
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    CBS News interview with Trump lawyer Michael Van Der Leen

    It starts at the 3:04 I brought up in an earlier thread about how the Impeachment Congressmen used doctored evidence. You would have to watch a lot of the trial to see what they did, but the condensed version: They used a twitter post and put a check mark on the post to indicate that it...
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    John "Grandmaster Jay" Johnson of the Not F******* Around Coalition arrested Dumbazz Don't put a flashlight on a rifle and point it at police officers. This is the same group where 1 of them accidently had his rifle...
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    DV Kirtland vs Ironton Updates - 11/21

    D2-D7 Can't see the difference; there are plenty of Private schools winning state titles Hoban has 5 state titles, LaSalle 4 [Never won a D1 playoff game in 40 years] Newark Catholic 8 Benedictine - 7 Delphos St John 6 StVincent-St Mary 6 Hartley 4 Mentor Lake Catholic 3 [Col] DeSales 3 Canton...
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    Trump's Supreme Court case in Pennsylvania

    What isn't being reported in news media is what is Trump's problem with the Pennsylvania counting votes after the election. The PA court has said that they have to count all mail in ballots with a postmark of election date or before. The problem is they said that non USPS metered postage dates...
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    Biggest danger to the Republic

    Right now, the biggest threat to our Republic is not Russian bots, Antifa or Militia's; it is the actions of a Federal Judge, Emmet G Sullivan. Our system of law is for a Judge to be an impartial arbiter of justice. In the Flynn case, the judge has directly assigned a prosecutor that reports...
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    Michael Currin

    My condolences; hope they find the guy who killed him.
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    Biden has no problem when he interferes in another nations politics

    Biden threatens to UK-US trade deal over Brexit. "“Any trade deal between the US and UK must be contingent upon respect for the agreement and preventing the return of a hard border. Period.” The EU position on Brexit is that the UK must adhere to EU standards and allow EU fishing in England's...
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    Cincinnati Police use 50cal rifle to stop motorist When your normal police weapons just won't get the job done. Police used a 50cal rifle [for the weapon capability impaired- a big frickin very scary looking rifle] to shoot the engine block...
  10. Termite2

    12yr old assaulted by adult,

    Kid is in a dance class, the teacher is the guy sitting next to him. Good to see other bystanders coming to the aid of the kid Police know who did it, but family members of suspect not helping police. Police also said this is not a "Hate crime"
  11. Termite2

    Bring back Orphanages

    I think that Orphanages with all their problems would be a better solution than having our schools clothe and feed children who then go back to the dysfunctional family they live with. We got rid of Orphanages because the experts said it would be better to have children with their parents, I...
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    Cincy Demand #1 "Passing an ordinance that would penalize anyone responsible for reporting a person on the sole basis of race, gender or other bias"

    Seriously; how would this work since motivation to report is entirely in the mind of an individual. Unless you confessed; motivation is in the mind, not in the subjective opinion of others. United Black Student Association and The Irate8 -group making the demand in a meeting with the mayor
  13. Termite2

    A sign that football will be played this year -LaSalle players getting ready in the stadium At last, a positive sign of football this year
  14. Termite2

    Browns sign AJ Green to 3 yr contract

    Browns sign AJ Green to a 3 yr $2.3 mill contract with $145,000 guaranteed CB from Oklahoma St :whistle: they also sign Solomon Ajayi LB Liberty Jeffrey Whatley DT S Ala Kevin Davidson QB Princeton Jameson Houston CB Baylor Alex Taylor T
  15. Termite2

    2020 NFL Rule change proposals

    From - NFL Football Operations on Twitter Expand defenseless player protection to a kickoff or punt returner Prevent teams from manipulating the game block by committing multiple dead-ball fouls while the clock is running Modify the blindside block rule Expand automatic replay review to...
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    Cincinnati decides to keep their Trolley cars running with no passengers allowed.

    You can't make this stuff up; in their infinite wisdom, claiming it would cost more to restart the trolley [ie Streetcar for the Urban hipsters] than it does to keep it running without passengers. Why would anyone trust these Bozo's with any money...
  17. Termite2

    Man steals Train, wrecks it trying to attack Hospital ship USS Mercy in L.A.

    One of the weirder stories, is it really that unusual for a conspiracy nut job? Dude, the tracks don't go all the way to the ship, not to mention it is on water. Also, who knew that "deliberately wrecking a train" was a specific crime...
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    Ohio Unemployment Question

    My wife got laid off; so we tried to start a Unemployment claim with Ohio online. Ran into a problem because she evidently filed a claim 15 years ago and we had a different email address back then and for some reason do not remember the PIN We tried to reset using their automated phone but it...
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    2020 Cincinnati Bengals

    Surprised they actually signed someone good Bengals signed DT D.J. Reader, formerly of the Texans, to a four-year, $53 million contract.
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    First politician who actually stops robo calls and spoofing gets my vote

    First politician who actually stops robo calls and spoofing gets my vote, I don't care if it is Stalin or Hitler wannabe's; either one would have stopped these numbnuts permanently. I would have added Mao, but their solution would be to take my phones and send me to a farm to be reeducated...