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  1. TroyTrojan05

    Vandalia Looking For New Head Coach

    Carter needs to be the guy. If he’s not then they are not hiring the right person.
  2. TroyTrojan05

    Vandalia Looking For New Head Coach

    In this order they should go after 1. Shane Carter 2. Tyler Wright 3. Ben Merkert
  3. TroyTrojan05

    2020 MVL Football

    Troy has a very athletic sophomore class. Many of them are dual sport athletes. I believe they will have some strong sports teams in the coming years. I believe this years sophomore class is the best they’ve had in quite some time.
  4. TroyTrojan05

    Cobra Kai

    Curious to see what ends up happening to Miguel.
  5. TroyTrojan05

    2020 MVL Football

    I don’t know what Piqua loses. I just know that Troy brings back a lot. If troy didn’t play Piqua in week 1 we may be looking at a different outcome. Many new pieces to gel and little time before week 1. I take nothing away from Piqua they were the best team this year. It wasn’t close. Troy was...
  6. TroyTrojan05

    Friday Final Scores - 11/6

    I so wanted to pick this but I just couldn’t pull the trigger. Should’ve gone with my gut
  7. TroyTrojan05

    2020 MVL Football

    I truthfully think Troy will be the top team again in 2021. I knew we would struggle a bit this year. Next year we return quite a bit at key positions, most importantly Qb and rb. We do lose some good lineman though.
  8. TroyTrojan05

    GWOC Pick'em Week 5+

    Last Team Standing St. X vs Springfield Mentor vs PC Bonus Games La Salle vs Winton Woods Ross vs Alter Wyoming vs Clinton Massie Roger Bacon vs Springfield Shawnee Coldwater vs Mechanicsburg New Bremen vs Marion Local
  9. TroyTrojan05

    Rank The Ten Best Teams In Your School's History

    If only...that Troy team was absolutely LOADED.I just wish they had the opportunity to show it in a playoff. Outscored opponents 406-54 that year. And that is with 2nd and3rd string playing most of the second half. Heck, they has 3 d1 running backs on the same team.
  10. TroyTrojan05

    Rank The Ten Best Teams In Your School's History

    I would probably add 1985 state semi final team to this list
  11. TroyTrojan05

    Roger Bacon vs. Springfield Shawnee

    This one might get ugly
  12. TroyTrojan05

    Division 1 State Semi: St. Xavier versus Springfield

    They should give X some problems. Their qb is tough to handle and they have d1 talent all over the defense. I could see a low scoring game and whoever wins it won’t be by much. I would say something like 17-10 something like that
  13. TroyTrojan05

    Division 1 State Semi: St. Xavier versus Springfield

    Because as good as they are and talented, they haven’t been playing that well. They have beaten a lot of mediocre teams but not a large margin. I honestly thought Northmont was the better team. And OL were dismantling teams and best a heck of a Coffman team. They also had one common opponent in...
  14. TroyTrojan05

    Your favorite athletes when you were a kid?

    Barry Larkin Sammy Sosa Penny Hardaway Jeff Blake Corey Dillon Mike Tyson Ken Griffey Jr. Stone Cold Steve Austin
  15. TroyTrojan05

    Division 1 State Semi: St. Xavier versus Springfield

    Springfield got some dudes
  16. TroyTrojan05

    Division I Poll Voting Discussion (Final)

    1 PIckerington Central 2 Mentor 3 St Xavier 4 Springfield 5 Lakota West 6 St. Eds 7 Northmont 8 Liberty 9 Coffman 10 Westerville Central
  17. TroyTrojan05

    Versailles vs Roger Bacon

    As great as the Mac is, and it’s a fantastic conference, Versailles has not seen a player like Kiner. Is he playing? I also heard he may he hurt
  18. TroyTrojan05

    SWO King of the Spread Pick'em: ROUND 4 GAMES

    ## Favorite _________________________ Points _____________Underdog 01 St. Xavier _________________________14.5 _______x_______LAKOTA WEST 02 Olentangy Liberty (Powell) ___________9.5 _________x_____SPRINGFIELD 03 PICKERINGTON CENTRAL ____x______2.5 ______________ Westerville Central 04 PERRY...