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    EA Sports is bringing back NCAA football to PS5 and XBox series X

    How good will it be to play football with our local highschool football players again in the greatest video game off all time. Can't wait to make Tre Tucker win the Heisman this fall!!
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    Could it be Oil Filter!!

    He hasn't posted for years , or has he. After reading numerous posts I am curious if anyone else has a suspicion of the username he posts under currently.
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    Div 4 Reg 13

    Northwest vs Shaw CVCA vs Lake Catholic Poland Seminary vs Chagrin Falls Ursuline vs West Branch Northwest will have their hands full with Shaw. CVCA is going to be hard to eliminate for any of the remaining teams. Just playing tough, sound physical football. What a turnaround from week 1...
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    PAC 2020

    Probably time to put the PAC 2019 thread to bed. Post your thoughts on the Principles Athletic Conference and teams here.
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    Condolences to the Louisville wrestling family

    I am so sorry for your loss. If anyone is interested in helping, here is a link.
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    D4 Region 13 Playoff Thread Who is in, who is out and thoughts on how it plays out.
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    Since you can never have enough info Found this embedded in an article and thought I would share it. Until Fantastic 50 is running this may do.
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    Fantastic 50 website

    Does anyone know when the Drew Pasteurs Fantastic 50 website is usually updated for the new season.
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    Avon Lake vs Revere game end in Brawl.

    It has been reported on Twitter that the Revere vs Avon Lake game ended in the second quarter with Avon Lake up. Apparently benches emptied, punches were thrown and then the crowd may have gotten involved? As a Lacrosse dad who's kid plays at a private school I know Lacrosse parents can be...
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    CVCA vs Revere

    CVCA travels to Revere highschool tonight to battle the Minuteman. The teams did not play last year because of a lightening cancelation. The previous year CVCA won handily. CVCA comes in at 4-1 blowing out 3 teams that are still in the early stages of developing their programs. When they played...
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    Wrestlers to watch during football season.

    Who are some wrestlers that we will see on Friday nights this fall. I know CVCA will have both Decatur brothers, Dalton Duval and Breslin Walker. Love seeing high caliber wrestlers also putting in work on the gridiron.
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    CVCA at SVSM

    Anyone have thoughts on this match tonight. I think CVCA bumps everyone up a weight tonight from 106-132. CVCA does not have a 160, 180 or 195 pounder so that will be 3 forfeits. CVCA 106- Scarborough 113- Jacob Decatur 120 Matt Williams 126 Matt Cardello 132 Jordan Decatur 138 Austin Pownal...
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    Cable 9

    Cable 9 is uploading videos on YouTube, lots of today's matches are up.
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    Congratulations CVCA PAC 7 Champs

    CVCA clinched the PAC 7 title last night. Once again Coach Peters has put a team out on the floor that doesn't overwhelm you with an abundance of talent but does overwhelm you with effort, hard-work and playing as a team. Great job Royals!
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    Medina H/C Sutherland resigns

    Wow, this was his dream job and walks away.
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    Who's # 1

    Does anyone have a complete slate of matches for this weekends event?
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    M.I.A. Posters

    Has anyone put out and APB on the our fellow Yappsters: Oil Filter HobanDB04 Maybe closer to August they make a return?
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    Can someone post me a link to....

    The most accurate state tournament prognosticator in the history of Ohio report 2016? I hear he was perfect once again. I just hadn't seen it yet.
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    Playoffs week 1 upset alert

    Which teams are on upset alert week 1. I am putting Aurora on upset alert!! Nordonia has some players that can wear a team down late. The RB can beat you 4 yards at a time and keep the ball out of Auroras hands. Anyone playing somewhere the weather can be a great equalizer in a 1-8, 2-7 matchup?
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    Medina Baggattaway Invitational

    What a crowd of people in town this weekend. I dont what the numbers were but there had to be a thousand players there this weekend. It was my first one so I cant speak on previous years but the games I saw all started on time and where officiated well and despite our boys have a tough weekend...