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    Orndorff to Ohio St

    2 time NCAA qualifier Tate Orndorff transfers to the Buckeyes! Not sure what to make of this as we already have Traub, and maybe Singletary and/ or Hoffman at HWT. Does this mean Singletary is going 197, even though he stated he wasn't going to earlier in the year? Can Orndorff beat out Traub if...
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    Schools preventing athletes from attending

    Has there been any schools that will not let their wrestlers attend the State tournament? With a bunch of school districts already cancelling field trips and indoor events already, I was wondering if this was happening yet?
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    Brecksville at Massillon Perry

    Happens tonight. Brecksville is really tough this year while Perry is rebuilding. Should be some good, exciting matches early on. Wonder if Brecksville bumps up Hatcher to wrestle Million? Would be great to see.
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    8u travel

    Any teams in the Stark county or surrounding areas that have 8u travel teams?
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    Ohio State vs. Cornell

    Is this on TV?....some real good match ups here! Interested to see McKenna vs. Yianni
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    Brecksville @ Massillon Perry

    Just saw that Brecksville is wrestling at Massillon Perry tonight, should be a few ranked matchups.
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    NCAA championships

    So the oac scheduled the junior high state championships the same weekend as the NCAA championships in Cleveland?..what's up with that? much for getting the junior high kids and their parents and coaches up there to watch.
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    Massillon Perry wrestling

    Anyone have any news about Blackiston or the freshman Vinas twins as to why they are not wrestling?..what's going on down there?
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    Olib/Massillon Perry

    Who wins this dual?