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    What stadiums are getting turf this summer?

    What schools will be installing turf this summer? I'll kick it off by sharing that Campbell Memorial will be getting turf in Youngstown Also Rayen Stadium, which is shared by both Chaney and East, will be getting turf this summer.
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    Mooney v Ursuline

    The 60th anniversary of this game sees both teams having very tough seasons. Mooney comes in at 3-5 with only 1 win against a team from the United States. Ursuline comes in at 1-7 against a brutal schedule. Both teams are essentially eliminated from the playoffs. This is a far cry from...
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    Anyone ever see 3 safeties to start a game?

    The scoring in the Campbell-Struthers game last night went like this: 2-0 4-0 6-0 The first 3 scores of the game were safeties all by Struthers. Anyone ever see that before?
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    Niles McKinley snaps 3 year streak

    Just wanted to give a shout out to the Niles McKinley soccer program and their coaches and players. It's been a long rebuild for them and they got their first win in 3 years last night, a 4-0 victory on the road at Jefferson. They play in a tough conference with the likes of Hubbard, Howland...
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    statewide schedules?

    Is there anywhere out there to find schedules of teams across the state? I didn't see anything on the OHSAA site. It seems pretty random from conference to conference and region to region when it comes to finding schedules for schools. Any help guys?
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    Cardinal Mooney 2018

    Anyone got anything?
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    How close are you to retirement?

    About 20 years here depending on how things go.
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    Songs that randomly get stuck in your head

    2 for me.... and no matter what time of year
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    ESPN Plus All these places realize no one cares about their talk/debate shows and all anyone really wants is the games. How long til Fox starts dumping all the supposed 'talent' they think they stole from ESPN and focus more...
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    Chaney football gets a coach

    Youngstown Chaney, who hasn't played football since 2010, announced a new coach, Chris Amill. They'll begin play again in the Fall of 2019 details:
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    The Athletic and other pay sites

    Is anyone reading The Athletic or any other pay to read sites? It seems like a crazy idea to me, but there must be folks out there willing to pay to read content.
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    Melt Restaurant

    Went there for the first time yesterday and it was real let down. What kind of experience has everyone else had?
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    Cardinal Mooney 2018

    For those interested Youngstown Cardinal Mooney (7-5) 08/24 H Football North St Joseph (CN) 08/31 H Akron Archbishop Hoban (14-1) 09/07 H Columbus St. Francis DeSales (6-4) 09/14 H Akron St. Vincent-St Mary (10-4) 09/21 H Boardman (6-5) 09/29 A Buffalo St. Joseph's Collegiate (NY) (5-4)...
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    North and South Korea to unite? (sort of)

    I'm still not sure this is real.
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    frozen iguanas

    This is fun stuff!
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    news about news

    google news and then go to the news tab and then use the search tools for the past 24 hours interesting stuff
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    This might be the dumbest thing I'll read all year.....
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    Charlie Rose, fired

    This is becoming a heck of a trend, wonder who's next?
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    Buckeye fans! A philosophical question....

    Which is it?
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    Pick one

    Pick one