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  1. TroyTrojan05

    Cobra Kai

    If you haven’t seen it yet, I highly recommend. It is one of the best shows I’ve seen lately. Was always a big fan of the Karate Kid franchise, but for some reason I just kept passing on this thinking it would be cheesy. But it’s really good.
  2. TroyTrojan05

    Troy vs Edgewood cancelled

    A player tested positive for Troy so they will forfeit the game. Edgewood moves on.
  3. TroyTrojan05

    How much weight have you gained during COVID

    Has anyone else become a fat boy during covid? I know I am working from home and have packed them on during this time. I also am not going to the gym either. How much weight have you gained?
  4. TroyTrojan05

    Is D2 more powerful than D1 this year?

    D2 has some heavy hitters this year. Do you think the top 5/6 d2 teams could take the top 5/6 teams in d1?
  5. TroyTrojan05

    Troy(2-0) vs Turpin(2-0)

    Let’s start the discussion. Last year Troy one pretty convincingly 29-7. I expect this game to be closer this year as Turpin has been impressive so far and Troy has lost a lot of talent. Who you got?
  6. TroyTrojan05

    Troy coach Paul Bremigan stepping down

    Looks like the head football coaching position and basketball position are both now open. Anyone know who are some possible candidates?
  7. TroyTrojan05

    ESPN cancels Baseball Tonight

    ESPN has been a sinking ship for a while but this is my final straw. I tried to put up with 24/7 Lebron coverage, NFL, and Stephen A Smith being on every hour. I will be switching to mlb network and fox full time now. I will only watch live events from now on.
  8. TroyTrojan05

    Least favorite bands/artists

    Got me to thinking today. For whatever reason our radio station at work is set to 107.7 which is basically a list of migraine music. Hear the same 20 songs over and over pretty much. Nickelback just played and I had to walk out of the room. So my top 10 bands or artists I can't tolerate...
  9. TroyTrojan05

    Week 12 Troy(10-1) vs Anderson (8-3)

    Let’s do this again shall we? For the 3rd year in a row these two will be facing off. Troy will have a lot to prove after being beaten badly last year. Troy can’t fall behind early again because they are not a team that wants to play in a shootout. They like to pound the rock, play good defense...
  10. TroyTrojan05

    Troy vs Piqua 10/26

    The most hatred rivalry in all of Ohio. Let’s get this discussion started. Who does that team up north have this year and what do they need to do to keep the game competitive? This looks like Troy’s game to lose but you can throw the records out the door with this one. These teams and towns hate...
  11. TroyTrojan05

    Troy (4-0) vs Miamisburg (4-0)

    This is going to be a dandy! These teams have developed a little bit of a rivalry over the last few years. Burg is coming off a very impressive win against mighty Wayne, and Troy just dismantling Stebbins 62-0. Last year Troy won this game, but Miamisburg got Troy the year before. I’m pumped...
  12. TroyTrojan05

    Troy @ Xenia week 2

    Xenia coming off an impressive win blowing out Beavercreek. Troy coming off an easy win against Belmont. I hadn’t originally circled this date in the calendar, but should Troy be concerned with Xenia? Last year Troy won 28-6. It seems Xenia will be run heavy and will rely on an experienced Rb...
  13. TroyTrojan05

    Interesting tidbit

    Heard on 700 today... There have been more pitchers used in the first 4 days of this season than all of the year 1968. I found that astounding.
  14. TroyTrojan05

    The Handmaid's Tale

    Anyone else watch? This show is great. Nothing else like it on tv.
  15. TroyTrojan05

    Remaining 28 Power Rankings

    Pick Central Colerain Winton Woods Mentor Trotwood ( I’m aware they beat my number 1 team) Hoban Avon Olentangy Liberty SVSM Massillon Toledo CC Steubenville Marion Local Dresden Tri Valley Shelby Clinton Massie Wheelersburg Kirtland Pemberville Eastwood John Glenn South Range Middletown...
  16. TroyTrojan05

    D2 Region 8: Troy vs. Anderson

    Let’s get this started shall we? Have not seen Anderson this year, what should we expect? Also, I have never been to Anderson’s field. Will there be plenty of seating or no?
  17. TroyTrojan05

    Mad Pooper You can't make this stuff up.
  18. TroyTrojan05

    What do you do?

    I am in a dilemma. A new neighbor moved in next door to me recently. Super nice person. However, even though our property lines are clearly observable, she continues to mow her grass VERY short like a putting green about 10 feet into my lawn. Her yard is 90 percent weeds and the further she...
  19. TroyTrojan05

    Troy vs. Miamisburg

    I am a little surprised to see the spread at 21.5! I believe that Miamisburg should get the W but that is more than a 3 touchdown favorite. This will be a tough one for Troy as Miamisburg is a dangerous team. As for Troy- They are getting a little bit healthier now, and their offense is...
  20. TroyTrojan05

    Belmont vs Dunbar-What happened?

    The final score really surprised me!