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    Best Pitching Coaches in NE OHIO?

    Who are the best pitching coaches in NE Ohio?
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    Hitting Lessons w Ruggiero Hitting?

    Has anyone worked with Anthony Ruggiero Hitting located in Brecksville, OH?
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    Throwing Coaches anywhere for the summer?

    My son is a OF he wanted it throw harder and get his mechanics correct is there anyone someone knows who specializes in this in Cleveland area?
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    Best Throwing Coaches in Cleveland Area

    My son is a OF he wants to throw harder and get his mechanics correct. is there anyone someone knows who specializes in this in Cleveland area?
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    Live sessions

    Any Pitchers and Catchers 2019 Grads interested in doing live sessions for the next 2 weeks they will be held @ D-Bat Solon and the dates may vary it depends on who can come when. might be a small $5-10 fee or less to split between all players participating. If interested Email...
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    Any 18u-22u OF'ers needed?

    Next weekend is open son runs 6.7, EV 100 PM me for any info
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    Any 18u need OFers

    Next weekend is open son runs 6.7, EV 90 PM me for any info.
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    Velo pro worth it?

    Anyone tried Big League Edge Velo Pro Trainer?
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    60 yard dash trainers?

    Anyone know any 60 yard dash trainers?
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    Any 18u need fill in OF?

    Pm me or email me
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    22u baseball?

    Any college summer teams need a fill in OF (Not full time)?
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    Ash Vs Birch

    Pros and Cons and experiences please
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    Best custom bat brand?

    Any advice?
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    B2 Baseball

    Does anyone know about this program I just know it’s pretty new
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    Midwest IronBirds

    Does any one know about this program any parents on here that son played for them?
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    Ash vs Maple bats

    Which are better? people were said flexibility and that ash bats flake on the barrel i don't really know that much or understand can others elaborate on the pros and cons of each?
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    travel baseball

    Good cheap 18u travel programs around Cleveland?
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    Pbr unsigned senior games

    How are the PBR unsigned senior games whose been Andnor what have you heard ?
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    Baseball Factory vs USA

    TEAM USA $95 Baseball Factory $99 Which Showcase is better i know Baseball factory just wants more money if you do well but does Team USA actually teal the players their measurables?
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    How do you improve outfield velocity can you send me drills to do I’m only @70 right now I lift a lot I dead lift 425 lbs.