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    St. Ed's vs SPG STREAM

    For those who want to pay $11 to watch Ed's vs Edison & SPG here is the link.
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    St. Ed's vs DC Results

    Luca lost 9-1
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    Wyatt Richter commits to:

    Cornell. Wyatt makes the 9th St. Ed's wrestler to attend an Ivy league school in the last 4 years and 31 in the last 38 years. Congrats too Wyatt.
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    NCAA Championships in Cleveland 2026

    Great news for wrestling fans and Cleveland!
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    Great podcast with Coach Urbas

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    St. Ed's results at the Grappler

    W Richter fall .23 E Bennett wins 2-0
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    Sean Seefeldt & Evan Bennett commit to:

    University of Pennsylvania
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    Paddy does an interview
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    St. Ed's Chance Robinson Story't#.Xym8Qr-YIfQ.twitter
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    Coach Heff on a Podcast

    Must listen.
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    Hudson Hightower commits to:

    Princeton. Congrats Hudson
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    Pat Galbincea passed away

    Pat was a HUGE proponent of wrestling is no longer with us. Thoughts and prayers for his family.
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    Finally cancelled

    OHSAA informs schools it has canceled winter sports tournaments In a memo to schools on Thursday, the OHSAA officially announced the cancellation of its winter sports tournaments.
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    St. Edward 2020-21

    What a finish to the year. No individual champs but the Eagles did secure a state title when Z pins to win his match. Now that we have 2019-20 behind us we can look froward to the future. The future is very bright for the Eagles. Very few spots will be up for grabs next year. The incoming class...
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    St. Ed's at Dual Results

    Tohati win pin Seefeldt wins pin Durbin lost 15-9 Elmore wins pin Richter win pin
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    St. Ed's results from WV

    1st dual Wheeling Park. Once again Ed's will be without 6 starters for the most part. Some may get 1 match. Tohati got pinned Seefeldt Pins
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    #1 Blair & #2 Wyoming at Ed's on Saturday

    Quad at St. Edward: 11 AM - LaSalle vs. Blair, St. Edward vs. Wyoming Seminary 1 PM - LaSalle vs. Wyoming Seminary, St. Edward vs. Blair Tickets available at the door.
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    St. Ed's results from the DOC Tourny

    W Richter wins 10-2
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    St. Ed's results from the IM

    Walsh Ironman 2019 Results for St. Edward 106 Wyatt Richter (2-0) place is unknown and scored 8.0 team points. Champ. Round 1 - Wyatt Richter (St. Edward) 2-0 received a bye () (Bye) Champ. Round 2 - Wyatt Richter (St. Edward) 2-0 won by fall over Kane Kettering (Reynolds) 4-2 (Fall 2:27)...
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    St. Ed's Richter to attend:

    Congratulations to Scott Richter committing to Williams College!