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    Wrestling Coaches - Practice Question??

    Been in this business going on year 17 now and am always trying to see if doing something different works to better our practices and thus better our results. For the last oh 16 seasons or so I've pretty much always structured my practice schedule from 4:15 pm to 6:45 pm during November...
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    SCHSL Press Conference for 7-15-2020 (potential 2020-21 sports schedule)

    The SCHSL executive committee voted down the previously altered 2020-21 athletic calendar today in favor of simply delaying the start date of fall sports. Below is the OFFICIAL fall sports revamp I received from my AD this evening. Unless there is an appeal or a significant reason not to have...
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    NJCAA releases wrestling calendar for 2020-21 season

    Saw this on the NWCA fb page yesterday. If you know any kids who will be competing for Juco teams or are already on a Juco team here's what 2020-21 will look like. October 1 - October 31: Fall practice January 1st - teams can begin regular season practice January 20th - regular season...
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    Law enforcement solution

    In light of recent events I've been thinking about things that some municipalities use to do with law enforcement that they no longer do or might not do that may be possible solutions to fixing the problem. 1. When I taught a sociology class years ago I use to do a criminology unit where I...
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    Richmond Heights taking two-year break from playing football
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    Head Coach opportunity in SC

    Indian Land High School has a Head Wrestling Coach position for the 2020 – 2021 school year. Teaching positions are TBD. If interested, please apply on the district website ( and send letter of interest and resume to the Athletic Director, Vernon Hunter @...
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    Furman University cuts baseball You know it's bad when SOCON schools start eliminating baseball.
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    Mid-American Conference football teams to trim travel rosters, ditch hotels for home games
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    Will we ever again see a city school win a state title???

    Last summer I read a book called Tigerland about the 1969 Columbus East Basketball and Baseball teams. Both teams won state titles that winter and spring. After reading the book it got me wondering will we ever see a school from the city leagues of Cleveland, Toledo, Akron, Columbus, Cincinnati...
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    Lima Senior to announce new HFC

    Heard on the radio this morning (WIMA) that there is to be a special BOE meeting tonight at 5:30 pm to announce the new HFC at Lima Senior.
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    Lima Senior / Lima Central Catholic Thursday 8/29

    First time the two have ever met in football. Thoughts? on the above note, are there any other schools out there who are part of the same city / town of similar size to Lima that have never met in football? There have been some interesting letters to the editor in the Lima News leading up to...
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    Varsity Lettering Requirements

    Didn't see a previous thread on this subject and thought I'd see if any coaches or anyone affiliated with a wrestling program could share what their program constitutes as a varsity wrestler. Number of matches? wins? dual points scored??, qualify for districts?, etc...... Who sets it? coach...
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    Chances Toledo Start goes 10-0 now???

    With Start going 3-0 so far, grant it against schools that will not make the playoffs, if they beat WW and probably should beat Cleveland Hts. do they run the City League table, finish 10-0 and make the D1 playoffs? Do they win a first round game? If the playoffs began today they'd be matched...
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    D2 Regions

    Schools in bold made 2014 playoffs. D2:R3 Garfield Heights Cleveland JFK Cleveland John Adams Brecksville - Broadview Heights Cleveland Glenville Maple Heights Mayfield Lyndhurst Brush Cleveland John Hay Bedford Cleveland East Tech Painesville Riverside Eastlake North Willoughby South Boardman...