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    Program "recovering" post Covid

    Similar boat. The last 5 season were very good to us. We started out this season with roughly 30 kids. Got quarantined once, came back after a week had maybe 25 kids left. Got quarantined right before Jan 1 and had to cancel 2-3 matches the week we came back from break plus no practice that...
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    Toledo D1 Districts

    On paper Findlay should win this one. Findlay has probably the most impressive resume of any D1 team in NW Ohio with wins over Shawnee and St. Johns. TBH had Findlay not had a bad weekend in early January against Lima and OG they'd be the 1 seed in all this and would've been the outright TRAC...
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    Ohio Mr. Basketball 20-21

    Being from Lima myself when it comes to Mr. Basketball we recognize that we are not left out of the discussion haha.
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    Moeller AD

    Watch Hoop Dreams again (or if you've never seen it , watch it). One of the two kids, William Gates I believe, had his tuition paid in full by a local donor in Chicago with zero alumni ties to the school.
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    Ohio Mr. Basketball 20-21

    In all fairness the Lima, Ohio area has faired pretty well when it comes to Mr. Basketball.
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    D-1: 16 Top Seeds who goes down 1st

    If they're not careful Lima Senior may get bounced by Northview if they see them in the district finals. Got to get there first of course.
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    Lima Perry or Ada ?

    Agreed. As long as community members are willing to pass levies then rock on.
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    Lima Perry or Ada ?

    I may have used this on someone else in a prior "argument" BUT the guys I went to school with at Lima Senior who were on the soccer team were not going to make us necessarily better on Friday nights (not that we needed their help in 96 or 97). Outside of kicker / punter it's not like the team...
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    Depends on your definition of "employed" in that sentence.
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    Let me rephrase then. School based sports will still matter but the investment on the part of local BOE's and some communities will not mirror any of that. We've already seen P2P become more than a niche stop gap measure by local school boards and is now / has been the new norm in many respects...
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    Is the gap between the top schools and everyone else greater now?

    I will be curious to see going forward how much of an impact COVID has on programs the same way the 2008/09 recession had on athletic programs, especially in cities. For example, Toledo Public couldn't play basketball until January. Cleveland public cancelled all winter sports period I believe...
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    Yes to your first question. The market has already created this want / to some need for elite athletic prep schools. This will continue. I don't see a situation where we revert back. Interscholastic competition will exist but at a "intramural" level. That is to say you will still have school...
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    Northwest Ohio Realignment

    Yea I can't see it happening any time soon.
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    Northwest Ohio Realignment

    This is assuming every DSJ student lives in the Delphos City School District. There is rumor in Lima that DSJ would be closed by the diocese and those kids would have the option to obviously attend LCC if they wanted to make that sort of commute. I'd be curious as to how many DSJ kids come...
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    Northwest Ohio Realignment

    There is speculation, rumor and hearsay around Lima land that a DSJ and LCC merger may be in the works from the powers that be. Both enrollments are tragically not what they once were.
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    Northwest Ohio Realignment

    I wasted more gasoline on Bawitdaba when I was a young man than any other song period. Just when you think you're done driving, you find yourself back out on Secor or Douglas Road with the hammer down.
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    My latest article? What kind of fan are you?

    High School: Lima Senior til the day I die. College Football/Basketball: Graduate of Toledo, but will watch ND and Ohio State when they are on. NFL: Cleveland Browns NBA: Don't really pay much attention MLB: Indians, but don't watch every game Watch a lot of high school and college wrestling...
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    RECRUITING!!!! This is the model that is rapidly spreading across South Carolina. The model as I mentioned previously allows kids to basically go to school in the AM or PM and then...
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    Columbus City League Baseball

    Toledo didn't experience white flight the same way Columbus did. Up until the mid 90s (Start's peak) TPS was still predominantly white with Start, Bowsher, Waite and even Woodard boasting greater than 50% white enrollments and Rogers and Libbey still between 40-50% white enrollments. Scott had...
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    I've had this discussion with many of my fellow coaches in a variety of sports and I think what we're going to see in the next 5 years is a situation where the elite athletes in all sports attend one particular school (doesn't matter if it's private, public or otherwise) and those schools become...