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    D-VII state semi: Lima Central Catholic (8-1) vs New Bremen (8-2)

    New Bremen has garnered a lot of attention the past two weeks by knocking off a strong Fort Loramie team and then beating undefeated Marion Local (both on the road) to claim their first-ever regional title (unless they won their region in 2004 - not sure). But LCC, even though they've played...
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    Can a US company win the vaccine "space race"?

    It seems as if things will return to normal - and we can have school and school sports without limitations - only when a highly effective vaccine is developed and approved for general use. The company/nation that produces the first vaccine will come out as a big winner and have major bragging...
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    What’s the pay for a high school football head coach?

    I have no reason to start this thread other than curiosity. My guess is that head coaches (and their assistants) are greatly underpaid throughout the state and across the country. I know they put in dozens of hours each week - maybe 35-40 hours for a head coach. So what’s the pay, for...
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    Which D-VI or D-VII schools have turf - and who in the heck has paid for it?

    A few days ago a yappi poster asked if Minster, a D-VI school in the MAC, has turf. I think the original poster plans to travel a ways to attend the huge Minster-Anna game this Friday and was simply wondering about the field surface. Someone responded that no MAC schools have turf. Which got...
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    Have any 14 year olds played in the 2018 finals?

    It would be a huge accomplishment for such a young kid to have contributed in a state final. Has it happened this year?
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    Hard to believe - Tim Goodwin is entering his 20th season at Marion Local

    In 1998, I believe it's correct that MAC schools DSJ, Coldwater, and St. Henry all made the playoffs - so too did ML neighbor Versailles (not yet in the MAC). Both DSJ and Versailles won state titles that year. Marion Local, by comparison, finished 3-7, had fallen behind other local...
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    Am I really not permitted to bring a seat cushion to the game this weekend?

    Tom Benson rules state no seat cushion. Aren't the majority of seats plastic? Won't that be cold for our buckets and "require" a seat cushion? Will fans who show up with a seat cushion not be allowed to...
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    Who's got the biggest - and smallest - roster in each division for week 13?

    Which teams need lots of buses if they're bringing everybody? Anyone dress 100 or more? Any teams still playing with 40 or fewer on the roster (including frosh)?
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    Who are the best players your team has faced this season?

    Marion Local's opponents through the first five weeks and top players from each school. 1. Chaminade Julienne - Ryan Peltier - Eagles qb was under constant pressure from Flyer pass rush, and several good throws were dropped, so not a big night statistically, but still obviously a quality qb...
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    (Dayton) Chaminade Julienne 2016 outlook

    How will CJ be in 2016? They open at home in their beautiful new stadium against Marion Local - and I'll be there to see it woo hoo!! This past season, in a week 2 jv game, Marion played CJ and, to my surprise, the Eagles struggled quite a bit. CJ varsity managed only a 2-8 record. I believe...