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    Canfield Football 2021

    After 3 regionals appearances in 4 years (losing all 3, twice to the eventual state champs) Canfield’s looking to get over the hump. I know they’ve lost a good amount but they return back 2 of the best players in the area in Broc Lowry & Toby Smith, with many starters back on D. They’ve beefed...
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    Canfield v Ursuline

    Anyone know what’s going on here? Ursuline has game scheduled on their website but Canfield’s coach said there is no truth to that at all. Feel like that would be a great game. Thoughts?
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    Youngstown Area Football Predictions 2021

    It was a pretty solid year for the area with 2 teams in state championship games and 4 making it to the regional finals. In 2021 who do you expect to be good again or maybe a team that will surprise people? 2 teams that will continue success from last year for me is Fitch & Canfield. A team...
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    All-NEO Inland District Congrats to all the players from the valley who made it, lots of special awards for the boys from the area! Way to represent the area well.
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    AAC All-Conference Team

    All-Conf. team out, lots of talent.
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    Ursuline game

    Heart hurts for those kids man. 3 D1 recruits out. Starting QB Starting WR/DB/2nd string QB Starting RB/LB Starting RB/DB Starting OL x2 I know a parent of one of the players and the story is that they all tested negative multiple times but administration wouldn’t let them play. If those kids...
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    Canfield (6-0) vs Kenston (3-2)

    3 seed against 19 seed. Don’t know much about Kenston except they’ve won a heck of a lot of games the past 2 years. Blew Canfield our 33-7 en route to a state championship. Thoughts? Score predictions?
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    Region 9 Bracket Picture

    Pick your winner from each side. Best region in the state. Should be a great month and a half for high school football in Northeast Ohio.
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    Looking for link to watch playoff games

    Anyone have somewhere you can get the Marlington v. Kenston or Harding v. Akron North game?
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    Fitch v Canfield

    What happens if they played this year? Thoughts.. Had the possibility to be the best game in the area all year
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    Region 9 Bracket

    Is it out yet? If so plug link in below
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    D3 Playoff Predicitions

    D3 Playoff Predictions Region 9 Canfield vs Chardon: Chardon Region 10 Ashland vs Tiffin Columbian: Ashland Region 11: Sheridan vs London: Sheridan Region 12: Bellbrook vs Badin: Badin Whoever wins Region 9 in my opinion is going to win state. I believe Chardon is the favorite (possibly...
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    Best juniors in the area?

    Everyone knows the area has been down d1 recruit wise, but this junior class has some absolute studs. QB’s are stacked with Sherwood,Brungard and Shannon. Dominguez is a dude at SR. Boardman has a heck of a duo at WR. Smith is an animal LB at Canfield. Mooney’s RB is a dude.. etc etc Think...
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    Canfield (5-0) vs. Boardman (3-2)

    Both teams coming off W’s last week. Boardman has a true QB now and opens up the offense a little more, defense still a huge liability though. Canfield has won 8 straight dating back to last year and won this game week 10 34-10, and this years team is light years better than last years. Predictions?
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    D3 R9

    One of the best regions in the state. Canfield,Chardon,New Philly,Streetsboro,Steubenville,SVSM etc... Who comes out on top? Who is a sleeper? Teams opting out?
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    Canfield @ Chaney

    Canfield on a roll taking on Chaney at home, Chaney has the ability to make it a game but I think Canfield is too good all around. 35-10 Canfield, thoughts?
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    Who’s the best in Youngstown area?

    Looks like there’s good teams all over the place in the area this year.. Canfield,Fitch,S.Range,Springfield,JFK. Who’s looking good for a deep playoff run, state run, etc..
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    Canfield (3-0) @ Dover (1-2)

    Who wins this one? Should be a great game like last year.
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    Canfield Football

    How is Canfield looking this year? Haven’t heard much but I saw they’re one of the best in d3 according to Joe Eitel. Maybe having another dominant year like those 2 back-to-back years? Thoughts..