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    Win-Loss record without forfeits

    Just interested in the seeds. I don't think anyone is putting the brackets out there. That's the Tim I've known for a very long time ... love that guy though!
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    Win-Loss record without forfeits

    Since Batavia had their see meeting last night, do you know why the seeds haven't been posted on Baumspage yet? Asking for a friend ;-)
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    State Dual results?

    No they have not. They met last year in the Regional Finals, but they normally don't schedule one another. Perhaps they can find a way to squeeze a dual in sometime in the next several weeks. That would be fun for both programs and their fans.
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    OHSWCA Announces 2021 Wrestling Duals Championship

    Couldn't agree with you more.
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    OHSWCA Announces 2021 Wrestling Duals Championship

    The rankings shown above for the Cincinnati area are just for fun. They have no bearing on anything, except that whoever is #1 at the end of the year gets some recognition. In the past several years, the final poll usually mirrored (for the most part) how the Cincinnati teams fared in the...
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    OHSWCA Announces 2021 Wrestling Duals Championship

    Yep, the SW covers a lot of ground ... the I-75 corridor from Dayton to Cincinnati, I-71 from Cincinnati to roughly the Washington CH/Wilmington area, and about everything inside that triangle, plus many teams East of Cincinnati.
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    OHSWCA Announces 2021 Wrestling Duals Championship

    Voting is not a great option, not even a good one, but it's better than basing current year playoff teams on previous year's results. Like I stated earlier, let the kids on the current year's team, in their current weights, in their current health, with the potential new additions, determine...
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    OHSWCA Announces 2021 Wrestling Duals Championship

    This makes perfect sense. I mean, if this were football, then the teams making the Final 8 of the playoffs this year would have been those teams with the most returning all-league and all-state selections from last year. Makes perfect sense, because we all know it's the best individuals that...
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    A Wrestling Story About Giving During Christmas

    This goes way back to the early 80's in Central NY (between Utica and Syracuse) to a large high school tournament just a few days before Christmas. In a field of about 35 teams, this 2-day event featured some of the biggest/best teams in the state (Baldwinsville & Fulton) as well as several...
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    Best high School Choice !!

    Go to a program (any Division) with a history of making mediocre kids good, and good kids better kids. Go to a program where he can make friends, and they will support him. Not much different than choosing a college ... go to the place that feels right.
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    High school tournaments this season

    I too apologize "WishYouWereHere" for my thoughtless retort. This damn COVID has us all wound a little tight. Anyone, I am really sorry you aren't having your competition this weekend. My Team is fortunate to have wrestled 3 duals last night and 2 more later today. I'm going to paint with a...
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    High school tournaments this season

    Oh, and to show me the errors in my ways requires facts, something a certain group of the U.S. citizenry seems to have a problem with these days. Take your time ...
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    High school tournaments this season

    Ok Skippy, in just a few short years (3 to be more precise), you'll have caught-up to me. Repent? Error of my ways? I thought I was wrong once, but I was mistaken. Quit while you're already behind my friend.
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    High school tournaments this season

    Like everything else, nothing is perfect. In management just as in public policy, your time is always better spent focusing on what effects the masses, not the minute few. Are there Coaches lacking in integrity? Of course. But those are also the same guys who cheat on the hydration test...
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    High school tournaments this season

    Way back in the 70's and 80's when I wrestled in NY, it was always the honor system for duals. The kids could weigh in before Noon, and if they made weight, they got 3 extra pounds for the 'real' weigh-in just before the dual. I never once even heard a whisper of dishonesty. My Coach was a...
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    Wrestling Coaches - Practice Question??

    It isn't how long you practice, but rather how productive you are with that time. My college practices were 90 minutes tops, though we did all of our lifting and conditioning on our own. Even now, we run our practices for 2 hours, but I think it's probably 30 minutes too long. I'm seeing more...
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    an individual coaches proposal for 20/21

    Finally, someone who speaks in the real world! The State will tell us what we can and can't do, so it'll be up to us coaches and AD's to to figure it out. Our opinions do not and will not matter on the subject, so why not spend your time thinking about how to make the best season possible with...
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    2020 Spatola Classic Results. 640 Wrestlers from 15 States. High School stacked with 11, 32 man brackets.

    132 was no picnic either. The Champ was 3rd in WV last year, the runner-up was 2nd in KY, and the 3rd place finisher was an Ohio State Qualifier from Wauseon. Very good competition all around.
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    2020-21 OHSAA State Duals

    I don't understand why people think that having a few returning State qualifiers makes for a strong team. Sure its nice to have, but individual prowess at the Individual Tournament does NOT project team strength the following year. Again, for the big-name programs that send a half dozen or...
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    Navid Afkari - Iranian Wrestler Executed

    I hadn't heard that. Always 2 sides ... Thanks for the updated information. No matter the circumstances, it's a shame for all families involved.