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    Will the 2021 season be back to the old norm?

    Stunning isn't it? How much has to go wrong before they actually admit they've been duped.
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    Jim Harbaugh

    Omar- The only thing that I would add to your last post is to factor in Northwestern becoming a 900 lb gorilla. Who'd da thunk it back then?
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    Jim Harbaugh

    Yep, about the only one that occasionally spun their wheels a bit back in my formative years was Tennessee.
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    Jim Harbaugh

    I thought that Tennessee was in for a long haul when they let Fulmer go since the margin of error in the SEC is razor thin. Nebraska post-Pelini has been a hot mess. Losing Osborne wasn't as much of a problem since Solich knew the Nebraska culture but that wasn't enough for Husker fans. Then the...
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    Jim Harbaugh

    I'll wager the bulk of those Michigan NFL players were Carr's.
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    MACtion Returns

    Can't manage a clock, special teams are a hot mess, and the three-man front defense with 3-deep had "hard" corners to presumably bracket that were playing eight yards off. That'll teach Western to throw to the sideline.
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    New Bremen vs Marion Local

    ML has had kids for a long time, Ken Meyer won 70% of his games in that conference and now 7-3 would result in mass depression. You can't be vanilla offensively or defensively in the MAC or you'll be steamrolled, the level of competition and game planning is more along the lines of small...
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    Northwest Conference 2020

    I seem to remember that in 2012 LCC beat Spencerville 28-20 which wound up keeping Spencerville out of the playoffs by finishing 10th in the region. After that the Spencerville superintendent had enough and the wheels were in motion. Jerry wasn't going to be there forever but the pillaging of...
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    Fremont Ross

    "At a school like Ross, your goals should be higher than hoping to be competitive." I'd be interested in knowing what the expectations are in the Fremont community, perhaps FremontKeith can give some insight. When I was active in the Fremont Ross Forum the impression I got was that Little Giant...
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    Fremont Ross

    "It's kind of insulated, unlike the NEO schools in D1 and D2 who have dozens upon dozens of similar sized schools in different leagues and locations to schedule and can get away from the somewhat insulation of a specific league/area." There were things that people saw coming years ago that...
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    Fremont Ross

    Lurking. I haven't been back on Yappi for a few years having been an active member of Yappi and JJ Huddle for a long time. In fact, I registered under another username that I didn't save and couldn't remember so I re-upped under the present name. FremontKeith would remember me. Sometimes you...
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    Fremont Ross

    "LOL @ Sandusky. Scared I guess." "C'mon, Streaks! Take your punishment like men." "Again....Sandusky is scared." "Sandusky Blue Chickens???" "Or Yellow Streaks....." Well I'll be darned. Maybe you should have added "Don't count your chickens..." The "Or Yellow Streaks" one was a real hoot...
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    Jackson State announces Deion Sanders as its next head football coach

    Sanders might have the right idea in attracting name former players to his staff, name recognition can at least get their foot in the door with a goodly number of kids. The circumstances are different but the name that initially popped into my head was Mike Jinks, from all reports he was a...
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    MACtion Returns

    It certainly was tough enough to have Guadagni go down but I got the distinct impression that the team simply quit on that staff last year. Candle has a MAC title to his credit but the coach speak wears thin after a while. I doubt that he has anything to worry about in terms of his job because...
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    Ohio State at Penn State (10/31)

    Dagger upcoming.
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    Van Wert(7-1) @ Bellevue(8-0) Div IV Region 14

    What I was referring to was that as the NOL was experiencing a revolving door of membership (Upper, Galion, Bucyrus, Fostoria, Ontario) it seemed to me that having a more stable situation was good for all parties involved. As far as Huron is concerned they can schedule whoever they want, my take...
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    Van Wert(7-1) @ Bellevue(8-0) Div IV Region 14

    Having been born and raised in Sandusky and then relocating to the Lima area it has long occurred to me that the old NOL teams and the WBL teams were very similar in terms of athletes. Once the SBC absorbed the NOL you were able to add programs like Clyde and Bellevue to the list. Although...
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    Your first TV show

    What springs to mind for me was Ed Sullivan and The Jackie Gleason Show since that's what my grandparents watched. When I could choose it was Saturday morning cartoons, especially Looney Tunes. Once I got a little older Ghoulardi was a staple followed by Big Chuck and Hoolihan.
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    Nebraska vs Ohio State

    People can take the targeting calls for what they will but Nebraska is a cheap, dirty football team and it comes from the top.