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    D IV State Championship: Lake Catholic (8-2) vs. Van Wert (10-1) — Sunday at 12:00pm

    Cougars v. Cougars. Go Lake Go State!
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    Jon Husted tweets support for HS sports; Jordan Strack reports "growing sentiment" around Ohio that HS football will happen.

    At long last, I think we can expect something definitive tomorrow from DeWine.
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    OHSAA announces 6-game regular season for football; all teams make playoffs

    2020 OHSAA Football • A six-game regular season will begin the week of August 24 • All teams eligible to enter the OHSAA playoffs • Number of playoff rounds dependent upon the number of schools entering the playoffs in each division • Schools eliminated from the OHSAA playoffs or that...
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    Citing the 8/1 ODH order, Mayfield decides to restart athletics this week. Will other districts follow suit?

    This seems like a good sign. Hopefully other Cuyahoga County districts and schools take the same position.
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    What will it take for contact sports to get approved for competition by 9/4?

    The latest OHSAA memo and ODH order seem to pave the way for a fall sports season where non-contact sports happen and contact sports do not. What will it take for contact sports to receive competition approval by the all-important 9/4 date? County health boards revoking their own...
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    Will XC happen this fall?

    And if so, how will things be different? Also, when will we be allowed to start practicing? I have to assume spectators won’t be permitted at meets. DeWine has floated the possibility of students attending school just two days per week next year, and I’m worried about what impact that will have...
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    Coaches: Are you still getting paid for the spring track season?

    There seems to be uncertainty about this among the coaches I've personally surveyed. Figured it was ripe for a proper Yappi discussion.
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    I find it increasingly difficult to believe there will be a spring sports season AT ALL this year.

    Things have escalated very, very rapidly. DeWine was on a number of shows this morning floating the possibility that schools will remain closed for the remainder of the academic year, in which case there is no chance the OHSAA will allow spring sports to happen. I feel awful for everyone...
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    Is the decision to allow spring sports practices to continue simply an individual district/school decision?

    DeWine's order closing all schools didn't appear to include any regulations re: school extracurriculars. In fact, during his press conference yesterday, he specifically noted that "athletic events that exclude spectators" are permitted to continue (4:08 here: ). So, barring any new orders from...
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    Akron was a much better venue for the OATCCC indoor state meet.

    1. Unlike Spire, parking/exiting the facility was never a disaster. 2. The meet ran seamlessly because every Akron track and XC athlete was there to work some part of the process. 3. Unlike Spire, there were never needless restrictions on coaches being on the field. (Coaches are rightfully...
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    $V$M should be ashamed of itself for running the small school race at Legends

    SVSM's boys enrollment number is 244. From the Legends meet information on Baumspage: "Divisions - For varsity high school races, two divisions will be used; large and small based upon school enrollment figures. If a school has 220 or less students in grades 9-11 for the given sex, they are...
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    How short was the Portage County Fairgrounds course?

    It appears to have been significantly short of a 5k.
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    How in the world is Miami Trace ranked in the D2 boys poll?

    Kind of an embarrassing look for the voters that they don’t bother to look at that team beyond its Milesplit PRs, which are all from the same Week 1 meet that must have been way short of a 5k. The fact that they are ranked ahead of Salem is comical. Thanks, OATCCC!
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    Tiffin teams?

    Will the list of teams competing at Tiffin be published anytime soon...?
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    Will the Midwest Meet of Champions have an accurately measured course this year?

    Or are they still going with the short course?
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    The 3200m should be contested on Day 1 of the state meet, between the 200 and 4x400.

    This would better allow for distance doubles, which would lead to stronger fields, which is the whole purpose of a state championship meet. The 3200 could be moved to Day 1 at districts and regionals as well. This seems like an obvious, easy fix.
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    Division I boys distance odds state meet 2018 (for entertainment purposes only)

    BOYS 1600M Dustin Horter (Lakota East): 1/4 Lucas Bons (Dublin Coffman): 8/1 Ryan Johnston (Lexington): 10/1 Gabe Szalay (Wadsworth): 20/1 Andrew Tighe (Hilliard Davidson): 20/1 Evan Manley (Hudson): 40/1 Elliott Cook (Dublin Jerome): 40/1 BOYS 800M Nathan Cousino (Whitmer): 5/2 Nick Miller...
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    What happened with the Hudson boys 4x800m?

    Can anyone who was at the meet describe what transpired and whether the DQ was a good call?
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    Horter going for 1600/3200; other postseason distance takeaways

    1. I hope he attempts the double at state. He’s undoubtedly good enough to win both. 2. It will be interesting if any of the top 1600m podium contenders choose to scratch the 1600m at state (basically conceding the victory to Horter, because that’s the inevitable result) and choose to run the...