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    UA, St. X, & St.F

    Those meets should prove very interesting. Presumably also these teams will swim the Big 8. Looking at X's performance at the St. Charles Showdown. they don't look to be as deep as in recent years. Of course they didn't have everyone at the St. Charles meet. UA also is not as deep as last year...
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    Central District

    SC swam well at the Northeast Classic. They have positioned themselves to maintain a strong 2nd in the district. Although they will not beat UA, if they hit their taper they will be closer to UA than last year. Meanwhile, UA has posted information about its Invitational on February 4, 2012...
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    2011 Ned Reeb

    Information about the 2011 Ned Reeb is posted on COSA the meet sponsor is instituting an interesting new aspect to the meet. This year in addition to the prelim/final with cut times (designated "A-flight") there will be a "B-flight" that will swim between the A-flight prelims and...
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    NISCA Dual Meet Rankings

    NISCA National Dual Meet Rankings for 2010-2011 are out. Breaking it down by the various classes the Ohio teams (power points) are as follows: Class 1 - Boys Public (1-900) Chagrin Falls (4270) - 5 Grandview Hgts (2863) - 13 Castalia Margaretta (2857) - 14 Class 2 - Boys Public (901-1400)...
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    Championship Meets

    Here's information on a neat meet for swimmers whose season will likely end next week at sectionals.
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    Top Team in the State

    University may have established themselves as the top team in the state yesterday. At St. Francis they took on St. X; Saline (top team in Michigan) and the Knights, beating them all. Below are the event winners: University School 172, Tol. St. Francis 142 University School 164.5, Saline (Mi)...
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    Back to the Central District

    Since the other thread has moved away from exbear's original question; I thought it appropriate to restart. Looking just at what is returning from 2010 and removing the 2010 Seniors here's where things start: Total District Individual Swim and Dive Opportunites -181 of the 270 swimming and...