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  1. Maxie

    2021 Massillon Football

  2. Maxie

    Friday Finals (2/19)

    Other Massillon Area Scores: Massillon Tuslaw—42 Canton South——-49 Massillon Christian—-45 Hartville Christian——52 Navarre Fairless——-47 Wooster Triway———41
  3. Maxie

    2021 Open/Unknown Weeks

    Isn’t Canton McKinley still open for Week 3?
  4. Maxie

    OHSAA Considering A Strength-Of-Schedule Component For Football Playoff System

    Just during the 1st/2nd years of the playoffs.
  5. Maxie

    '20/'21 Massillon Basketball

    Massillon Washington—46 Canton Glenoak———-44 Tigers’ Record: 14-8
  6. Maxie

    Friday Finals (2/19)

    Massillon Washington—46 Canton Glenoak———-44 JV——Glenoak 48-41
  7. Maxie

    '20/'21 Massillon Basketball

    Massillon Washington——69 Warren Harding—————32
  8. Maxie

    Wednesday Finals (2/17)

    Massillon Washington—-69 Warren Harding————-32 JV———Warren 33-32 Series Record—-43-24 (Massillon)
  9. Maxie

    Black History Month : Name the Greatest African-American Football Players from Ohio

    Horace Gillom—(Massillon Washington)—Played with the Cleveland Browns for 10 years. Paul Brown said there “has never been a better punter than Horace.” He should be in the HOF.
  10. Maxie

    '20/'21 Massillon Basketball

    Massillon Washington—-54 Austintown Fitch————47 JV’s—-Tigers won.
  11. Maxie

    Saturday Finals (2/13)

    Massillon Washington—54 Austintown Fitch———-47
  12. Maxie

    Remembering the Ohio Big 8 Conference

    C. McKinley was in the league only in the 60’s. Some great basketball!
  13. Maxie

    '20/'21 Massillon Basketball

    Not yet, however it is coming. You know your school is doomed.
  14. Maxie

    '20/'21 Massillon Basketball

  15. Maxie

    '20/'21 Massillon Basketball

    The Tigers didn’t play well, at all.
  16. Maxie

    '20/'21 Massillon Basketball

    Please keep your comments confined to basketball. When you post anything about football, you lose all credibility.
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    '20/'21 Massillon Basketball

  18. Maxie

    Friday Finals (2/12)

    Louisville———————-43 Massillon Washington——40 JV’s—-Tigers——-46-26 Series Record——17-8 (Tigers)
  19. Maxie

    '20/'21 Massillon Basketball

    Have they closed your school yet? 🤷🏻‍♂️
  20. Maxie

    Wrestling Results

    I can’t find one. Maybe the Rep/Inde newspapers will.