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  1. GoArrowsGo

    Districts with important Bond issues on the ballot.

    On March 17th, there are two issues to be voted on by the residents of the school district I live in (Preble Shawnee). The first issue is for funds for a new elementary school and funding to renovate the JR/SR High. Second one is for an income tax increase for day to day operations. Which got...
  2. GoArrowsGo

    NFL All-Time Team

    Just for a little bit of fun to stir up some conversation since the NFL is pretty quiet until the draft. Who would you consider to be the best players for each position for the Bengals to create an "All-Time" team. Here's my list...discuss and debate. QB - Ken Anderson (Boomer and Palmer as...
  3. GoArrowsGo

    Who’s drought ends next?

    So now that the Eagles won a title. There are now 12 teams that haven’t won a super bowl. Bengals Bills Browns Cardinals Chargers Falcons Jaguars Lions Panthers Texans Titans Vikings So my question to you all is who gets one next??