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  1. redskinfbco92

    Video taping games

    I have seen an increase in parents setting up cameras on the fences to tape their daughters' pitches - just curious can an opposing coach say no to this? Are there any rules surrounding the taping of games?
  2. redskinfbco92

    Playoff hosts question

    Are private schools allowed to host games after week one of the playoffs, or is it just reserved for public schools?
  3. redskinfbco92

    SWO 2020 coaching openings

    Gotta think Oak Hills, Loveland, Northwest, Taylor, Norwood, Clark, Batavia, Moeller (?)....
  4. redskinfbco92

    UC at OSU

    Ok let's get it started
  5. redskinfbco92

    Week 1 overreaction

    Who looked way better than they will finish? Who looked way worse? Who's fans are now ready for basketball to start?
  6. redskinfbco92

    Any updates from Cincy Anderson?

    Been open for a while and really quiet - anyone hearing anything?
  7. redskinfbco92

    Moeller-Walnut scrimmage

    How did both teams look?
  8. redskinfbco92

    Summer/travel team (Cincy)

    I am looking for a team for my freshman pitcher for after the season - any help would be appreciated
  9. redskinfbco92

    Let's just say

    Let's say UGA beats LSU by less than 3. Ala moves up to #1, and LSU drops to #2 - because of the BCS rules of only having 2 teams from a conference play in the BCS bowl games, LSU gets screwed. Could this really happen? Maybe this is what needs to happen for the BCS to finally make some...
  10. redskinfbco92

    Well I am shocked

    None of the suspended Buckeyes declared for the NFL draft
  11. redskinfbco92

    Props to RichRod Very classy move on his part :clap:
  12. redskinfbco92

    Heywood arrested

    New Pitt coach was arrested in South Bend for domestic violence today. Who does Pitt hire now?
  13. redskinfbco92

    Indiana looking for a coach

    It's being reported on CFT that Bill Lynch is out - where does IU go? Why can't this school be good?
  14. redskinfbco92

    Miami fires Randy Shannon

    Who does the "U" hire? As an UGA fan I would hate to see it, but I wouldn't be shocked if it's Miami alum Mark Richt.
  15. redskinfbco92

    UC getting another USC WR transfer?

    Per In the last month or so, USC has lost linebacker Jordan Campbell to Louisville, defensive end Malik Jackson to Tennessee, defensive back Byron Moore to the JUCO ranks, fullback D.J. Shoemate to UConn, and top recruit Seantrel Henderson to Miami. This morning comes...
  16. redskinfbco92

    Question to UC fans upset with Bkell

    Would you be less upset if ND was coaching in a bowl game and he left now so he could coach them in it - like he did for UC?
  17. redskinfbco92

    4/18 Lockland Tourney

    9am Hughes v. Lockland 10:30 Lockland v Williamsburg 12:30 Hughes v. New Miami 2:00 Williamsburg v. New Miami 3:30 Hughes v. Williamsburg 5:00 New Miami v. Lockland
  18. redskinfbco92

    Looking for an assistant

    Hughes is looking for a varsity assistant for the 2008 season. PM me if interested.
  19. redskinfbco92

    Finneytown opening

    What do they have returning? Can they compete in the CHL?
  20. redskinfbco92

    UC adds another one

    From Todd Cunningham, Bearcats just landed another verbal commitment. This time it is Darrin Williams a 5-6 170 lb RB from Detroit Martin Luther King High School. He is an absolute speedster who had over 1200 yards and 12 touchdowns last season. Here is a list of schools that...