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    Canal Winchester HC

    Burch would get retirement and Canals pay might be higher than a Parochial School. However, let’s face it, he has a machine at Hartley. He has always seemed happy. I would be surprised but would understand it if he took the job assuming he is in the running.
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    Lancaster Golden Gales Coaching Search

    Looks like a tough schedule based on records of those opponents in recent years.
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    Canal Winchester HC

    An educated guess would be yes. A guy looking for a Head Job is going to apply at most positions.
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    Youngstown Liberty New Coach

    Congrats to both new coaches.
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    And ppl ask why we can’t get more scholastic officials...

    Young man is wrong. It is assault. He should be prosecuted to the fullest extent. This has no place in the game of football.
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    Friday Final Scores - 10/30

    Congratulations to the Lions.
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    Friday Final Scores - 10/30

    Regular season— Worthington Kilbourne 29 Thomas Worthington 7
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    Jackson Polar Bears @ Green Bulldogs

    What happened?
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    Jackson Polar Bears @ Green Bulldogs

    Green can score. Don’t know about their defense.
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    They come from a strong league and division. In fact of the remaining teams 5 are from the OCC and 3 are from the same division as Kilbourne. I know you would have loved a win but 5 OCC schools in the final 8. 3 from the same division.
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    Yep. Woke up.
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    Kilbourne did.
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    Respectfully disagree. Kilbourne played another outstanding game and earned the victory.
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    Friday Final Scores - 10/16

    Worthington Kilbourne 30 Green 27. 12 over an 8
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    Minerva lions

    I remember so well the Minerva of Tom Walters. What teams he turned out. They were hard nosed tough kids. Bettas, Lowry and several others. I feel bad that these times have fallen on such a once great program. It makes me unhappy to hear it may not recover quickly. Nuff said.
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    Friday Final Scores - 10/9

    D2 region 7 Worthington Kilbourne 42 Marion Harding 21.
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    2-2 Col. Walnut Ridge @ 5-1 Massillon Washington

    Massillon will wipe out Walnut Ridge.
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    Do you rest some players week 6 to save them for playoffs?

    Play to win or don’t play at all.
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    Friday Final Scores - 9/11

    Worthington Kilbourne 31 Delaware Hayes 17
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    Central Ohio Big Games Week Two.

    What about the battle of hard road. Kilbourne off a big win and Scioto passed all over the field. Opinions?