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    DriveLine Certified

    I'm not sure if DriveLine "Certified" is even a thing. If it is, are there any pitching instructors in the Cincinnati area who are 'certified' and run a good off season velocity program? Say October - November - December. We are weighing the jump in velo vs. potential for injury that is the...
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    Hitting Instructors - Northern Cincy Suburbs

    Hey everyone. I know this question gets asked year after year, but does anyone have a suggestion for a really good hitting instructor? All things being equal, prefer the North-East suburb area of Cincinnati. Mason, Kings, Sycamore area, but can travel for the best guy out there. Also a plus...
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    The ECC Growing ? It appears as if the ECC is trying to move from an 8 team league up one that has 10 schools. Football would play 8 league games and allow schools to schedule the 9th as an out...