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    MaxPreps Top 25

    We all know MaxPreps isn’t the most reliable website when ranking teams nationally, but it was interesting to see no Ohio teams. Are there any Ohio teams this year you guys could see being a top 25 team nationally?
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    Justin Fields and Other Buckeyes as NFL Prospects

    Justin Fields: Most scouts have him as 2nd or 3rd in the 2021 draft, but BR surprised me and had him ranked 24th. It made me question Fields because this is the second time they’ve ranked him low. All of last season I questioned his arm strength because he under threw quite a few balls, and in...
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    Best Programs to Never Win A State Title

    I was inspired by Maple City’s post about the worst programs to win a title. This is kind of an oxymoron, as being a great program almost always requires a state title. However, there is always that one school that nobody wants to play in the playoffs that has never won a state title. I’ll...
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    Western Buckeye League 2020

    Well, the 2010s are over and we’re entering a new decade of football. The 2010s in review: WBL Champions: Kenton (2010, 2011, 2013, 2019) Ottawa-Glandorf (2012, 2016) Wapakoneta (2014, 2015, 2016, 2018, 2019) St. Mary’s (2016, 2017, 2018) No State Champions Final Four Appearances: Kenton...
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    Chop Blocking

    What are your guy’s thoughts about chop blocking? I’m not talking about the type that is called for a penalty. I’m talking about for example, a running back is a lead blocker and sees a linebacker flying up field. Instead of thudding up and blocking the back with his hands, the running back...
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    All-WBL Teams Announced

    Offensive Back of the Year: Jayden Cornell (Kenton) Defensive Back of the Year: Luke Fackler (Kenton) Offensive Lineman of the Year: Aaron Rieman (Ottawa-Glandorf) Defensive Lineman of the Year: Isaac Meeks (Wapak) Kicking Specialist of the Year: Ty Howell (St. Marys) Co-Coach of the Year: Brent...
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    Division 3 Region 12 Playoffs

    The playoffs look about set, the only thing that could change is whether Ross or Badin host their game. The seeds will look like 1. Chaminade 2. Wapak 3. Franklin 4. Ross 5. Badin 6. St. Mary’s 7. Trotwood 8. Alter There are two rematches in the first round, with Alter and CJ playing a week...
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    David Montgomery I was blessed with the opportunity to see him play in person at Mt. Healthy. Amazing player.
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    Wapakoneta (3-0) at Shawnee (3-0)

    Who wins? Is Shawnee for real this year?
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    Divisional Maps

    I know this is pretty late, but this is always one of my favorite things to check out
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    Battle of Auglaize County: Wapakoneta (1-0) vs St. Mary’s (1-0)

    Who’s winning this one? After seeing both teams week 1, they’ll both be pretty legit teams. The winner will probably win the WBL, like usual.
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    Best Head Coaching Records

    I want to know (in Ohio) a) what coach do you know has the most victories in a career b) what coach do you know has the best win % in a career (min. 200 games) Ohio has had A LOT of great coaches in its history.
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    Most Impressive Team Performances

    What is the most impressive single game performance you have seen a team complete? One that will always stick out in my mind is in 2012, when Toledo Whitmer (D1) handed TCC (D2) it’s only loss of the season 42-0.
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    Most Intriguing Out of State Games

    What games do you think will be the most entertaining or will have the most impact on the national stage for Ohio Football? I’m looking forward to: Harrisburg (14-2 6A Runner-Up, PA) @Hoban Cass Tech (11-2 Class 1 Regional Semi-Finalist, MI) @St Edward’s Winton Woods @christian Brothers (13-1...
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    Unusual Records

    What is the most unusual final win/loss you’ve seen a team have? Minster was 10-5 as state runners up a few years ago. Ursuline was 8-6 as semi finalist.
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    Worst Place to Live in Ohio Anything shocking about the list? Does this list correspond with football success?
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    Most Impressive Weight Room Numbers

    What are the most impressive weight room numbers at your school this year? Last year we had a 240 lb All-Ohio DE squat 600, bench 465 and power clean 345. This year the most impressive we have is a 190 lb DE power cleaning 325.
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    Eastern Ohio Football Camp

    Anybody know anything about this? The football team falls off the face of the earth for about 3 days in July and comes back knowing half the playbook. Anybody’s else’s school go to this thing?
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    D3 r12

    This is one of the deepest regions in not only DIII but of all the small school divisions. Predictions? Playoff Seeds 1. Wapakoneta (10-0) 2. Archbishop Alter (9-1) 3. St. Mary’s Memorial (9-1) 4. Dayton C-J (8-2) 5. Trotwood (7-3) 6. Bishop Fenwick (7-3) 7. Mount Healthy (6-4) 8. Badin (7-3)...
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    Divisional Alignments

    Thoughts about the divisional alignments? St. Mary’s, Steubenville and London moving up to DIII could make things interesting.