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  1. 270SC

    MAC (NCAA) All Fall Sports to Spring

    No way HS is played in Midwest now, especially Ohio when only two colleges in Ohio are even scheduled to play this Fall. No way.
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    No issue with volleyball but...

    They are using busses, having fans, sharing balls, at our schools, all indoors... What exactly are we doing holding the “contact” sports back?
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    August is officially cancelled

    Ohio High School Athletic Association Tuesday, July 28, 2020 Administrator Update TO: OHSAA Member Schools’ Superintendents, Principals and Athletic Administrators FR: Bob Goldring, Interim Executive Director Good evening! As has been done previously, we wanted to provide...
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    Portage County H.D. : Rec. Oct 1st start date

    Same crap, different county, although did not know 4 schools have been shut down this summer at some point:
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    Don’t Be Fooled, Fall Sports Not Looking Good

    If NCAA Football is on brink of disaster, so are we. Only thing saving us is at this point we aren’t testing athletes...yet. We are in denial right now if we think this is going away. Two credible articles...schools are going to eventually have to test...
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    270SC Preseason CD Girls Rankings

    Preseason Rankings for Central District Girl’s Soccer 2018. All based on formula of players graduated, coming back, prestige, word of mouth. Good luck this season to all! Division I 1. Olentangy Orange 42.5 2. Dublin Jerome 39.7 3. Pickerington North 38.5 4. Olentangy Liberty 37.5 5. New Albany...