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    How many days?

    How many days will it take to have threads on Yappi about Biden's broken promises?
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    Just Curious

    Why is a thread under the football forum being restricted? Shouldn't that thread be posted in the proper forum? After, they're so privileged to have their own forum, use it for you dribble. If you are spewing nonsense on a football thread in the football forum, I can't reply because I tell...
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    OHC 2021

    Can The Burg and the Knights repeat in the North and South respectively? Who has the most returning/transfers or move ins?
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    True Champ or Covid Champ?

    This year brought many obstacles. But this year all who wanted in the playoffs were let in. Is this the first "true Champ". Last year WW was left out. They beat the eventual Champ during regular season. I say, let's keep it this way! So far I know of only one team (Northmont) that had to...
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    Targeting (OSU game)

    The OSU game should be an example of the targeting rules, but they go it wrong, in my view. Nebraska # 5 was borderline and no violent intent and he shouldn't have been kicked out. Now #8 got away with targeting when he went for Olave's head when that fumble occurred. I was crazy upset when...
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    Not knowing facts can make you look stupid

    Real short story. An old male work colleague of mine called me up one day. He told me he now has big boobies and female plumbing. I asked her how does she want me to treat her now? She said same as before. So we meet at a bar and talk. I'm saying and treating him (now a her), like I've...