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    So do high school coaches still get paid because everything is shut down and season in jeopardy? I’m sure all the coaches started with their teams. Do high school coaches sign contracts each year to coach? This is interesting to me since this debate came up The other day with some guys I know...
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    I was wondering what the rules are for coaches recruiting kids away from another school and are there penalties if you can prove it?
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    Mvc basketball

    How will the MVC shake down this year? Nch still team to beat? Chca? Summit? Norwood has new coach too I think.
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    Norwood vs Mcnick Saturday

    How do you feel this one will shake out? I know they scrimmages this year and was very close. Can Norwood pull the big upset?
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    norwood 43, western brown 22

    Big shocker for the undefeated broncos. Everyone gave the Indians no chance and they out played wb in every aspect of the game. Congrats to the very young norwood team.
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    tops in sbc this year

    Who are the teams to watch? I know new Richmond will be solid.
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    Norwood vs. madeira tomorrow night

    Who wins this? Will Norwood continue what they built last year
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    How will the Indians be this year? I know they had a very good season last year and were pretty young I thought. Majors and staff doing good job over there.
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    Congrats Norwood Lady Indians

    Great job so far this season. Keep playing hard and overachieving lol. Good luck to u saturday against a very good CM team. Oh and Tubbs and Stoeppel could start on any team in the state I think.
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    Norwood weak schedule and league???????

    For the Norwood haters from earlier in the season whats up now? They dont play anyone and their league is not good. What can u say now? They just beat a good mcnick team and their conference is fairing pretty well in the tourney. Remember, tubbs wouldn't score against big conference teams etc...
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    1st actual day of practice

    Does anyone know the actual 1st day schools can start baseball practice?
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    hs age top pitching/hitting instructors in cincy?

    Who are they? Any contact info. Typical cost. Thx
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    skills trainers in cincy area

    Who are the best individual skills trainers for hs aged kids in cincinnati
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    bball trainers in cincy

    Names of some good trainers in cincinnati for individual basketball growth. Hs level
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    Norwood names Keith Gwynn head coach?

    Anyone know this coach or have heard anything about him coaching?
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    Wyoming vs. Norwood

    Who will win this game. Wyoming coming off good win against Mariemont. Norwood big win over Mcnick. Who gets it done?
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    Congrats Norwood

    Congrats on huge win against Mcnick the number 2 seed last night 6-5. Heard was great game. Keep rolling