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    Winter Basketball Season...Here We Go Again With COVID 19 Concerns

    It's unfortunate as a state and society, we are not willing to wear masks and take the necessary precautions so that school and sports can operate effectively and efficiently. Franklin County, home of Columbus will likely see games impact as well since they have become purple. The state is...
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    Stay at Home Advisories

    At this moment, Hamilton County will be playing basketball games despite the increased numbers. I was made aware that they will be played without spectators of any kind, just the two teams.
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    Are Schools to only play conference games???

    Based upon my understanding full schedules will be played provided games are not canceled due to the virus.
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    'pausing the start of the winter sports season'

    In my opinion no one in leadership wants to make the hard decision regarding the health and welfare of the student-athletes or staffs. This is a very difficult time that we are witnessing with sports throughout the industry from high school to professionals. When student-athletes will not wear...
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    How 'bout some positivity

    No matter how this play out, it is going to be very difficult to protect student-athletes that live off campus. As a coach, sure we would like for the season to proceed. However, as a coach it is my responsibility to put the health and welfare of my student-athletes and staff first.