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    COVID Testing and Contact Sports

    With this as the latest guidance from OHSAA: Football • Official practices will begin on Saturday, Aug. 1, with the normal acclimatization period in place. • No school vs. school scrimmages are permitted. • School vs. school contests will follow per their normal OHSAA permissible dates and...
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    MLB Vault YouTube

    MLB Vault YouTube channel looks to be a good source for games to stream. I am currently watching Reds vs. Cards from 6/16/78. Good stuff.
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    Australian Rules Football

    Richmond and Carlton kicked off the 2020 season in an empty stadium. This game would normally have been played in front of 80,000 fans. Even on TV the difference in the atmosphere was evident. The ambient sound was scattered echos as opposed to the roar of a crowd. FS2 is scheduled to show one...