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    Congratulations, Winton Woods grad!

    Congratulations to Mike Edwards. Playing safety with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers he picked off a Drew Brees pass to seal the playoff victory!
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    You don’t discuss this craz

    Much of this going on around the country!
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    Trump Supporters!

    The reason you guys support someone like Trump goes deeper than politics! Trump maintains the status quo of white folks (particularly men) having unchecked power and opportunity! Any persons or candidate that wants to level the “playing field” or make things equal you feel threatened to your...
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    Your President!

    Trump is claiming voter fraud ( with no proof) and he is leading the way to suppress the vote! It figures, you are fine with what YOUR President is doing! He is claiming that he will claim victory way before the election is over! And we must know the results of the election the next day...
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    More Trump foolishness!
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    More Shady Donnie!!

    Donnie Boy should really stop pointing the finger at others! Another example of how he and his family benefit from him being president!
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    Both sides!

    I would respect you guys a lot more if you view all sides. Ivanka Trump and her shady business practices in China have not been mentioned once. But the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree as Donnie Boy is known for shady business as he is still active in these practices!
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    Edgewood ( 4 - 2) Winton Woods ( 7 - 0)

    WW leads this series 4 - 2! Last meeting WW won at Edgewood 34 - 0. Edgewood was in its best times around 10 to 15 years ago. Even finishing State Runner up under Head Coach Steve Channel ( mustache man) Seems they had hundreds of followers on Yappi! In recent years, they have falling’ on hard...
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    #17 Xenia ( 1 - 5 ) at #1 Winton Woods ( 6 - 0 )

    The Xenia Buccaneers Last year: 8 wins 2 losses Made first playoff appearance last year ( lost) Beat Tecumseh last week for schools 1st playoff win!! The Bucs dominated Tecumseh and cruised to a 18 to 0 score. Leading the Bucs Defense is Senior LB Zack Gaither. Leading the Xenia Offensive is...
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    Lebanon at Winton Woods week 2 recap

    Wasn’t pretty but the Warriors pull out a late victory to get past the determined and motivated Lebanon Warriors team. The Warriors showed great character playing pulling out a late 4q victory! Defense is definitely keeping the Warriors in the game this early in the season. (3 Int)O line is...
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    Kings at Anderson!

    It’s great to see this game being played after Kings had to cancel last weeks game! Kings at Anderson is a key match up on Saturday. It looks to be a high scoring affair!Glad Kings weathered their Covid issues.
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    Week 1 WW vs Kings cancelled!!

    About one hour ago officials at Kings High School cancelled their home football game vs Winton Woods! They never mentioned anything about having a Covid breakout ever and a day before the game they cancel! What a shame! And the new conference shanannigans begin!!
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    Kyle Rudolph!

    He is continuing to make a difference in society. The things he is doing up in Minneapolis will go far in helping people to understand and help fight against social injustice! Im sure the majority of Elder nation is very proud.
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    Farewell to all!!

    I want to tell everyone on this topic forum goodbye. I am no longer going to waste my time debating topics that the majority on here disagree with me on. I always tried to understand and respect everyone prospective.My views are often against the masses on here. The posters I have been able to...
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    This will never be ok!

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    Social Injustice

    More of the same nonsense is still going on! This being a majority "good ol boy" forum this doesn't seem to be a problem. But im telling you otherwise. Many times I have come on here to talk sensible about a major problem in our society. But to my chagrin I never get through. Often ridiculed...
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    Winton Woods Warriors 2020

    THE WINTON WOODS FOOTBALL SCHEDULE 2020 Aug. 28th @ Trotwood Sept. 4th H LaSalle Sept 11th @ Kings Sept 18th H Lebanon Sept 25th @ West Clermont Oct. 2nd @ Milford Oct 8th H Anderson Oct 16th H Turpin Oct 23rd @ Walnut Hills Oct 30th H...
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    Please! Make it stop!

    WOW! 45 is ridiculous. He wants to try to adjorn Congress on his on. I remember when you guys called President Obama a dictator for wanting the entire country to have health care. Repubs pushed back President OObam's nominee'sfor the Supreme Court until he left. Donnie wants to change the rules...
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    Stimulus money

    I was wondering were you conservatives going to return the money (if you are receiving) that was coming to you. You seem to hate spending money to help common people. Only like spending on big corporations and defense. As soon as Donnie boy makes sure his name is on all the checks you can...
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    This blows!

    It blows WW has to depend on other things to make it into the playoffs. Looks like WW will be sitting at home. It sucks that Northwest dropped a game. It sucks Little Miami dropped WW week 10 when the new coach was hired! Ok. Sorry people. Had to get that off my chest. Good luck to all except...